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Rocky Boy Sobriety Walk wants people sober, safe and happy for powwow

On Friday, starting at 9 a. m., a large crowd will walk from the Rocky Boy Agency to the powwow grounds and back — a total of three miles.

The Sobriety Walk will be good exercise, a key component of the fight against diabetes, which is a plague on the reservation.

It will be a good way to kick off the weekend's activities at the powwow, which is attracting thousands of people to Rocky Boy.

And will be be a good reminder that people should stay sober for powwow weekend.

That's according to Barb Friede, a lifestyle coach for the Rocky Boy diabetes program and an organizer for the annual Sobriety Walk.

The diabetes programs and the Healthy Heart program are sponsoring the events.

"We expect a big crowd." she said.

"The taco cart will be there, so people will have something to eat," she said.

"There will be T-shirts, and all kinds of prizes," she said.

She said this weekend will be the best powwow ever, with all kinds of activities, ranging from the grand entries to the rodeo, which is offering record amounts of prizes.

"We are asking people to stay sober for the powwow weekend," she said.

"We want people to be sober and happy," she said. "We want them to have a good time."

People with questions can call 395-4486.


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