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Breaking news: Rocky Boy primary results reported

The nominees for Committee Chair, currently held by Bruce Sunchild Sr., are Ken Blatt St. Marks, with 307 votes of 1,283, and committee member Ted Whitford Sr., with 229. Sunchild received 189 votes, the third most.After a morning of counting, the results of Tuesday's primary for seats on the Chippewa Cree Business Committee have been released and the Nov. 6 ballot is (almost) set.

Seven of the eight positions on the ballot for the four final committee seats are definitively filled.

The most votes went to Dustin Whitford, a judge in the tribal courts, who earned 420 votes.

The next two biggest vote getters were incumbents John Chance Houle, with 352, and Brian "Kelly" Eagleman, with 222.

Joshua "Waff" Seaton got 193 votes.

Stacey Small got 192 votes. Small was just recently elected to the committee in a special election to fill a vacancy after former Chair Raymond "Jake" Parker was indicted on embezzling charges.

Teddy Russette III got 168 votes and Tim Koop got 160.

The final position ended up a tie between Ted Demontiney and Misty "Brooks" Denny, who each earned 151 votes. A special election will be held on Oct. 16 to determine which of the two will make it on the ballot a few weeks later.

Aside from the Chair races, 4,959 votes were cast in Tuesday's primary election.


Candidate Votes

Ken Blatt St. Marks 307

Theodore Edward Whitford Sr. 229

Bruce Sunchild Sr. 189

Alvin John Windy Boy Sr. 155

Harriet Standing Rock 123

Tim W. Rosette Sr. 100

Merle Belcourt 64

Melvin P. Writing Bird 46

Clifford A. Sutherland 36

David "Chubby" Russette Sr. 34


Candidate Votes

Dustin J. Whitford 420

John Chance Houle 352

Brian "Kelly" Eagleman 222

Joshua "Waff" Seaton 193

Stacey Small 192

Teddy Russette III 168

Tim Koop 160

Ted Demontiney 151

Misty "Brooks" Denny 151

Priscilla "P.J." Friede 149

Russell Standing Rock 142

Joseph J. LaFromboise Jr. 139

Richard Sangrey 127

Donovan Stump 126

Pete T. Lamere 119

Joseph D. Rosette Jr. 114

Luanne Belcourt 112

Alfred (Juice) Parker 112

Jonathan Gopher 111

Russell T. Gopher 105

Jody A. Lamere 103

D. John Parker 96

Arnold Four Souls 90

Tyran Watson 89

Daniel Biddo Sutherland 81

Mr. Dean Sutherland 81

Jeanne Big Knife 74

Kenny Writing Bird Sr. 68

Curtis Monteau Jr. 67

George Henderson 67

Theron W. Oats 63

Joe Big Knife 63

Sonny Roasting Stick 63

William The Boy Jr. 61

Mary Ruth St. Pierre 61

Tim Henry 54

Robert "Sonny" Belcourt 53

Ricky Houle 49

Roger Otis Decora Jr. 47

Lily Corcoran 46

Louise Stump 45

Taj Riotutar 43

Selina Johnson 42

Russell Houle Sr. 30

Mario Patacsil Jr. 20

Ronnie Dale Stump Sr. 20

Joseph M. Corcoran 18


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