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City OKs more summer construction work

The summer construction season is really going to kick into gear after Monday night's Havre City Council meeting.

In addition to Highland Park road work and the Black Butte blasting going on to the west of Havre, the council approved two projects at its meeting, replacing water lines on the east end of Havre, on 1st Street between 14th and 18th avenues, and paving a new sidewalk, ramp and entryway for Lincoln-McKinley Primary School.

The first project was awarded to Flathead County-based Lakeside Construction, who bid less than $275,000 on the project that the city's engineer quoted as costing $290,000.

The project will be entirely paid for by existing water funds, with no outside funding.

Public Works Director Dave Peterson said he expected a few more weeks of paperwork and preparation before the contractors are able to begin in about a month. From that point they will have 75 days to complete the project, wrapping up this fall.

The Lincoln-McKinley project, which will cost about $66,000, was awarded to Bozeman-area contractor AV Construction.

It is a Community Transportation Enhancement Program project, which provides state funds to a city as long as about 14 percent of the project cost is paid locally.

The Havre Public School Districts are paying for both the local match and a $2,700 overage already discovered, for a total $12,000 contribution.

Peterson said that this project, which now needs approval from CTEP, should get started faster and last only 45 days, in an attempt to finish work by the time school starts.


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