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Lawyer says Wendy's owners hope to re-open

The regional Wendy's restaurants owned by the BZB organization remain closed this week, but the hopes they'll reopen soon, all renovated and cleaned-up, remain strong.

Last week, Kitty Munger, spokesperson for Wendy's International Inc. in Dublin, Ohio, said "our long-term goal is to have that store open in the community. "

BZB, from company names BZB Enterprises, BZB Multi-State and BZB Properties Limited, stands for the first names of Havre lawyer Bradley Dugdale Sr. and his two sons, Zachary and Bradley Dugdale Jr.

Their attorney, John Quatman, of Whitefish, told The Associated Press Friday that "the restaurants' owners are working with Wendy's and hope to have the matter resolved before U. S. District Judge Sam Haddon, of Great Falls, has to rule on the injunction request. "

"Wendy's has a brand, and it's a brand they want to protect. They want all their shops to be shining stars, so they can compete with other fast-food franchises, and that's what we're striving to do," Quatman said.

The attorney representing Wendy's in the case, Max Davis in Great Falls, said he had heard that BZB had been talking to Wendy's International since the lawsuit was filed, but he was not privy to those conversations.

"Obviously, at the point that the lawsuit was filed a couple weeks ago, the people at Wendy's didn't feel the franchisee was being at all responsive to what they needed them to do, " Davis told the Havre Daily News this morning.

"If it can be worked out great, if it can't Wendy's doesn't want them operating .... They want customers to have the same experience at all their restaurants, that's very important, and that experience entails quality. "

Davis said, not knowing about the talks, he didn't know "whether it's too late for the Dugdales" to make amends and reopen the stores. He said he personally knows and likes the senior Dugdale, who shares his profession, and "I hate to see any Montana business being affected, " but he sees where his clients, Wendy's, are coming from, and the serious concerns they have.

According to the AP, the franchisee's four least problematic restaurants — in Richland, Wash. ; Pasco, Wash. ; Lagrande, Ore. ; and one in Kennewick, Wash. — will remain open while renovations are being made, he said.

BZB Enterprises must respond to Wendy's injunction request by March, but Quatman said he believes the issue will be resolved by then.


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