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Pony power on their track

Havre High's Peyton Filius races in the 1,600 meters against several Lewistown runners at Saturday's triangular meet at the Havre Middle School Track. Filius won the event as the Pony boys and girls competed against Lewistown and Malta.

Hosting yet another cold and windy track meet on the Hi-Line, both the Havre High boys and girls track and field teams performed at a high level over the weekend.

The Central A Blue Ponies hosted a triangular meet with Lewistown and Malta at the Havre Middle School track on Saturday. And competing on their home turf, the HHS boys did especially well, finishing in first place with a team score of 89. The Lewistown Golden Eagles were second with 84, while the Malta Mustangs were third with 36. The Havre High girls also performed well, finishing in second place with 62 points. The Ponies finished behind the Eagles with 87 and ahead of the M-Ettes with 32 team points.

Garrett Aguillard sat out a good chunk of the season due to injury, but over the last couple of weeks, he has really come on strong for the Ponies. Aguillard grabbed three top finishes on Saturday, including No. 1 finishes in the 1600 and 3200. Aguillard also finished fourth in the 400, an event he is not accustomed to running.

Aguillard's return to the lineup has been huge for the Ponies, especially alongside another top point earner, Mason Case. Case also held steady as one of the Blue Pony leaders, grabbing three first place finishes. Case was No. 1 in the 100-meter (10.98), No. 1 in the 200-meter (22.93) and No. 1 in the 400-meter (54.62).

Marc Klimas, Derek VanDessel, Thurman Holdsclaw and Zach Plum also placed in multiple events for the Ponies. Klimas finished second in the 3200 (10:38) and third in the 1600 (5:03), while VanDessel finished fourth in the 3200 (12:17) and fourth in the 1600 (5:25). Plum finished third in the triple jump (33-3) and fourth in the long jump (16-9), and Holdsclaw finished second in the triple jump (37-3) and second in the pole vault (11-6).

But the Ponies weren't done quite yet, as Matt Emge finished first in the pole vault (12-0), Ryne Anltey finished second in the high jump (4-10), Kade Rismon finished second in the shot put (40-4), Chasan Law finished third in the discus (116-1), Joey DevRies finished fourth in the shot put (38-0) and Thomas Gruber finished fourth in the pole vault (11-6). The 400-relay team also finished in first place, with a time of 45.96.

The Havre High girls team also showed up, ready to compete on Saturday, as they managed a second place finish overall.

HHS placed in 14 different events and were led by six different No. 1 finishes. Peyton Filius won the 800 with a time of 2:39, and followed suit by winning the 1600 with a time of 5:48. Sammy Evans also won a couple of her events, finishing first in the long jump with a leap of 16-5, and winning the triple jump with a leap of 35-4. Lacey Waid cleared 9-0 in the pole vault for another No.1 finish, and the 1600 relay team also placed first with a time of 4:37.

Neya Bischoff, Ashlynn VanVoast and Kiana Stump also pitched in with a handful of second place finishes, while Corissa White, Jennifer Nordgulen and VanVoast also grabbed third place finishes. Bischoff finished second in the shot put (24-9), while VanVoast finished second in the 800 (2:45) and the 200 (29.1). Stump also finished second in the 3200 (15:20), while the 400-relay team also finished second (54.23). White took third in the 100 (14.62) and the 200 (31.56), and Nordgulen took third in the long jump (14-1), and third in the triple jump (31-1), while VanVoast also took third in the 300 hurdles (53.59).

Evans also grabbed a fourth place finish in the high jump, while Bischoff grabbed a fourth place finish in the discus.

A lot of the common big names stepped up once again for the Ponies, but a lot of newer names emerged as well for HHS. As the season winds down, the Ponies know they need as many kids across the board to step up as possible, and competitors like Bischoff, Stump, Rismon, Antley and VanDessel did just that against a very tough Eagles, Mustangs and M-Ettes pool of competitors.

The Ponies will now have a small break to prepare for the divisional meet on May 18 and 19, where they will face Browning, Belgrade, Lewistown and Livingston.


Team scores -- Havre 89, Lewistown 84, Malta 36.

100 -- Mason Case, H, 10.98; Tucker Schye, M, 11.07; Ty Simenson, L, 11.37; Jake Bushman, M, 11.47.

200 -- Mason Case, H, 22.93; Jake Bushman, M, 23.30; Jade Olson, M, 23.40; Ty Simenson, L, 24.25.

400 -- Mason Case, H, 54.62; Ryan McKinney, L, no time available; Ethan Blythe, L, no time available; Garrett Aguillard, H, no time available.

800 -- Ryan McKinney, L, 2:10; Branden Dieziger, L, 2:20; Kale Ketsey, L, 2:30; Kyle Patten, L, 2:36.

1,600 -- Garrett Aguillard, H, 4:51; Teran Alaers, L, 5:00; Marc Klimas, H, 5:03; Derek Van Dessel, H, 5:25.

3,200 -- Garrett Aguillard, H, 10:36; Marc Klimas, H, 10:38; Jeran Alaers, L, 10:45; Derek Van Dessel, H, 12:17.

400 relay -- Havre 45.96; Malta 45.98.

1,600 relay -- Malta 3:52; Lewistown 3:54.

110 hurdles -- Kyle Boss, M, 15.60; Quinten Boss, 16.65; James Derham, L, 17.76.

300 hurdles -- Quinten Boss, M, 43.46; Kendall Denham, M, 43.69; Zach Cezarda, M, 45.49; James Derheim, L, 47.24.

Discus -- Henry Oyler, M, 125-10; Tucker Schye, M, 117-8; Chasam Law, H, 116-1; Landon Scoue, M, 108-10.

Javelin -- Kaden Bedwell, M, 156-5; Carson Feller, L, 151-0; Dylan Stenseth, L, 145-6; James Derheim, L, 142-8.

Shot put -- Kyle Boss, M, 40-5; Kade Rismon, H, 40-4; Tucker Schye, M, 39-7 1/2; Joseph DeVries, H, 38-0 1/2.

Triple jump -- Sam Peterson, M, 40-11 1/4; Thurman Holdsclaw, H, 37-3; Zach Plum, H, 33-3; Kellen Tognetti, L, 29-5 3/4.

Long jump -- Sam Peterson, M, 19-8 1/2; Tucker Schye, M, 19-5 1/2; Kendall Denham, M, 17-11; Zach Plum, H, 16-9 1/2.

High jump -- Kendall Denham, M, 5-2; Ryne Antley, H, 4-10.

Pole vault -- Matt Emge, H, 12-0; Thurman Holdsclaw, H, 11-6; Kaden Bedwell, M, 11-6; Thomas Gruber, H, 11-6.


Team scores -- Lewistown 87, Havre 62, Malta 32.

100 -- Courtney Henry, M, 13.25; Savannah Farrar, M, 14.03; Corissa White, H, 14.62; Nicole Porter, L, 15.14.

200 -- Courtney Henry, M, 28.58; Ashlynn Van Voast, H, 29.1; Savannah Farrah, M, 30.67; Corissa White, H, 31.56.

400 -- Laramie Schesselnear, M, 1:10.1; Mikaela Olsen, L, 1:10.6; Nicole Porter, L, 1:13; Bethany Cox, L, 1:15.

800 -- Peyton Filius, H, 2:39; Ashlynn Van Voast, H, 2:45; Maida Walters, L, 2:49; Espe Battrick, L, 2:58.

1,600 -- Peyton Filius, H, 5:48; Maida Walters, L, 6:03; Sarah Foster, L, 6:08.

3,200 -- Sarah Foster, L, 12:46; Kiana Stump, H, 15.20.

400 relay -- Lewistown 52.84; Havre 54.23.

1,600 relay -- Havre 4:37; Lewistown 5:12.

100 hurdles -- Kiera Bulluck, L, 16.26; Jada Scheffelmaer, L, 16.95; Taylor Jenson, L, 17.4; Heather Mavencamp, M, 18.6.

300 hurdles -- Kiera Bulluck, L, 48.52; Jada Scheffemaer, L, 50.94; Ashlynn Van Voast, H, 53.59; Heather Mavencamp, M, 54.59.

High jump -- McCalle Feller, L, 5-1; Kiera Bulluck, L, 5-0; Jada Scheffelmaer, L, 4-10; Samantha Evans, H, 4-10.

Long jump -- Samantha Evans, H, 16-5; Kiera Bulluck, L, 16-3; Jennifer Nordgulen, H, 14-1; Mikaela Olsen, L, 14-0 1/2.

Triple jump -- Samantha Evans, H, 35-4; McCalle Feller, L, 34-7; Jennifer Nordgulen, H, 31-1; Lissa Quinlan, L, 28-10.

Pole vault -- Lacey Waid, H, 9-0; Lissa Quinlan, L, 9-0; Sydney Stivers, L, 8-6; Joise Wallters, L, 8-6.

Discus -- McCalle Feller, L, 70-5; Sidney Smith, L, 65-11; Neya Bischoff, H, no distance available.

Shot put -- Heather Mavencamp, M, 29-3; Neya Bischoff, H, 24-9; Sydney Stivers, L, 23-3; Sydney Smith, L, 22-5.

Javelin -- Courtney Henry, M, 124-8; Lissa Quinlan, L, 120-1; Mikaela Olson, 97-7; McCalle Feller, L, 96-3.

Blue Pony Thomas Gruber goes up and over the bar during boys pole vault competition Saturday at the HMS track.


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