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Dow is just seeking attention


I was very disturbed to read the story in Tuesday's edition of the Havre Daily News about the recent City Council meeting where councilman Rick Dow asked the rest of the council to sign a letter inviting Chick-fil-A to open a restaurant in Havre.

These actions, on top of Mr. Dow's recent very public crusade against the cellphone ordinance have made me very suspicious about Mr. Dow's reasons for seeking public office.

This letter appears to be no more than attention-seeking behavior from a sensationalist politician who would rather stir the pot and be divisive than to work with all council members for the benefit of our community.

The claim that this letter is to promote the economic development of Havre is made spurious by the fact that this very controversial business is the only company or industry to be courted by Mr. Dow. Our City Council is not the place for Mr. Dow's brand of divisive politics. If it's wrong for mayors of various cities to condemn Chick-Fil-A, then it's wrong for Mr. Dow to specifically court them as well.

Mr. Dow, please stop focusing on your private agenda and address the local concerns of your constituents. Your job is to strive for the improvement of our city, not to make headlines and cause controversy.

Samantha Clawson Hutchins, Havre


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