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Honor flight an unexpected thank-you from Montana to vets


The Big Sky Honor flight was an awesome experience! From every small detail to the actual sightseeing, all was done with professional guidance and wisdom. The war memorials, and those who designed them, were an inspiration to me. If only we could all visit them as families to plant the seeds of freedom in our younger generation and make them aware of the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Montana can be very proud of the many people who worked tirelessly to make the trip an enjoyable and memorable experience for us veterans. It could not be possible without the generous donations of cash and facilities by so many people.

The average WWII veteran wanted nothing in return except to keep our country free. However, the Big Sky Honor Flight gave us an unexpected thank-you for our service. Everywhere we went we were thanked for our efforts in the service. We, in turn, want to thank you all for making the trip possible.

We were between 80 and 100-plus years old, and expectations of good things to come have all but passed us by — until the Big Sky Honor Flight took us to another level. Thank you, Montana.

Durl Gibbs



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