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Kulbeck appointed as Blaine County commissioner

Harlem businessman and city council member Charlie Kulbeck is scheduled to be sworn in Tuesday at 9:30 a. m. as a Blaine County commissioner, finishing the term of Democrat Vic Miller, who died from complications of diabetes on Aug. 18.

"(I'm) excited, " Kulbeck said this morning. "I know it's going to be an adventure, and I've got a lot to learn, but I hope to be able to prove to people that I'll be able to do the job in the future. "

Kulbeck also will be on the November ballot in this fall's election, in which Miller was running unopposed for his third term.

Greg Jergeson, who was appointed chair of the previously inactive Blaine County Democratic Central Committee to oversee re-creating the committee and selecting a replacement, said five people applied to take Miller's place. The committee selected Kulbeck as its candidate in the election and chose Kulbeck, Blaine County Road and Bridge Department Supervisor Tom Fairbanks of Turner and Harlem City Council member Sondra Ashton as the nominees to finish the term this year.

Blaine County commissioners Dolores Plumage and Frank DePriest appointed Kulbeck Friday to finish out the term.

Jergeson said the process filled the Democrat chair positions in all eight precincts in the county — "We're kind of happy with that, " he said — as well as bringing five candidates for the commissioner position and the election.

"I'm really pleased, " Jergeson added. "I think all of them had qualities that lent themselves to the position. "

Kulbeck said he thinks his experience — he served eight years on the Harlem school board, including five as chair, and has been a city council member for four years — will help him as a commissioner.

Kulbeck said he has no set plans or agendas.

"I'd like to go in there with an open mind, " Kulbeck said. "This first year, for sure, is going to be a learning experience. "


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