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Hi-Line Darts and Laurels

Laurel — Enell Inc. and Earl Fisher BioFuels were among nine businesses honored with Gov. Brian Schweitzer's innovative business award. They will be saluted Aug. 28 at Montana State University in Bozeman. The owners have built their respective businesses from the ground up. They have provided employment to the area and have given back to the community in many ways. They richly deserve the award.

Laurel — Fighting a fire is rough under any circumstances, but firefighters in Blaine and Hill counties this week have endured some of the toughest conditions imaginable. They have been fighting massive grass fires that spread over several miles while it was nearly 100 degrees. Without their tireless dedication, these fires would spread and endanger buildings and lives. We thank them for their work.

Laurel — The Chippewa Cree Tribe put on a spectacular powwow last weekend. The Grand Entry is always a moving experience, but this year's was especially moving. Throughout the weekend, there were interesting programs and a great rodeo. It was a tremendous 50th anniversary powwow.

Laurel — Speaking of the tribe, KHEW celebrated its first anniversary last week. The station has been a tremendous addition to the reservation, but people elsewhere will find the station enjoyable and educational. The station offers news for the reservation, positive messages to the residents and an eclectic combination of music. The staff has done a great job. Congratulations.

Laurel — Bullhook Clinic has found a new possible location for its new building. The facility, if approved by all concerned, will be across from Havre City Hall, a location close to downtown and within walking distance of many city neighborhoods.

Dart — The whole tenor of the presidential campaign is going downhill. This week an independent group that supports President Barack Obama ran a TV commercial claiming a man lost his wife to cancer because six years earlier Mitt Romney, when he was at Bain Capital, laid off him off and cancelled his insurance benefits. Pretty far-fetched. The group is independent of the Obama campaign and has to stay at arm's length, but the Obama people certainly haven't been disowning themselves from the commercial. And Romney could add to the civility of the campaign by sticking a sock in the mouth of Donald Trump so he can't yap any more about this birther nonsense.


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