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Wednesday gas odor was harmless, officials say

The Havre Fire Department received four concerned calls on Wednesday. Unlike this past week, the majority of those calls were not about growing grass fires, but the heavy stench of gas that settled over Havre late Wednesday morning.

Havre Fire Chief Dave Sheppard said three of those four calls were from an area toward the western edge of town.

According to Chip Minty, media contact for Devon Energy Corp. the smell was the result an effort to stop a leak south of Havre.

"What we have here is a very small compressor station very close to town that had developed a leak in a release valve in the station, " Minty said. "That was the source of the smell.

"We were aware there was a leak in our system for a few days, and we were in the process of finding the leak. It was very small leak. We weren't able to find it with traditional detectors, so we … added an oderant to our system to allow us to detect where the leak was, and it did. That's what the folks in town noticed. We fixed it. "


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