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Blue Pony golfers play well on Electric City's tough courses

In just the second tournament of the young season, the Havre High Blue Pony golfers are already turning in some impressive scores.

After opening the season last week in Havre, the Central A Ponies took to the links in Great Falls on Monday and Tuesday. The Ponies faced some extremely tough competition, facing the likes of Kalispell Glacier, Billings Skyview, Billings West, CMR, Billings Senior, Butte, Bozeman, Missoula Hellgate, Helena Capital and many more. Kalispell Glacier took the boys top spot with a two day score of 584, while the Billings West girls took the top spot with a two day total of 682.

The HHS boys shot a 337 on Monday and a 345 on Tuesday, finishing with a total of 682, while the girls' final score wasn't reported. The HHS boys played the famed Meadowlark Country Club on Monday and Eagles Falls on Tuesday, while the girls played Eagles Falls Monday and tackled MCC on Tuesday.

Freshman Jeff Miller already had a career tournament. He didn't go into Great Falls as the No. 1, but did lead the Ponies with a two-day score of 183. Miller shot a 94 on Monday, and bettered himself for an 89 on Tuesday. Fellow freshman, Jerod Boles also had a solid outing, finishing with a 185 (89-96), while Spencer Ross finished with a 187 (97-90). Ramsey Drew also shot a 192 (107-85) and David Denny shot a 197 (104-93).

On the girls side of things, the Ponies had just three girls finish the tournament.

Katie Beck shot a 110 on Monday, but didn't turn in a score on Tuesday. But despite just the three finishers, the Ponies also turned in some decent scores in their second outing.

Boston Swensen led the Ponies with a 210 (94-89), while Randi Gabrielsen followed suit with a 219 (115-104). Freshman Payton Howard had a solid day on Monday, shooting 104, but slid down the ranks some with a 120 on Tuesday to finish strong with a 224.

Havre is back in action on Friday, when the Ponies travel to Browning.

Great Falls Invitational

Havre Individuals


Jeff Miller, HAV 94-89—183

Jerod Boles, HAV 89-96—185

Spencer Ross, HAV 97-90—187

Ramsey Drew, HAV 107-85—192

David Denny, HAV 104-93—197


Boston Swensen, HAV 108-102—210

Randi Gabrielsen, HAV 115-104—219

Payton Howard, HAV 104-120—224

Katie Beck, HAV 110—WD


Team scores

Kalispell Glacier 297-287—584; Billings Skyview 301-295—596; Billings West 310-299—609; CMR 313-297—610; Billings Senior 312-301—613; Butte 318-313—631; Bozeman 381-313—631; Missoula Hellgate 321-310—631; Helena Capital 327-304—631; Kalispell Flathead 329-314—643; Missoula Sentinel 352-313-665; Whitefish 339-328—667; Great Falls High 342-336—677; Helena High 334-349—683; Missoula Big Sky 367-335—702; Havre 384-357—741

Top Individuals

Ryan Porch, GLC 70-67—137

Logan Iverson, GLC 72-69—141

Art Doorn, WFH 72-69—141

Josh Kakalecik, CMR 74-72—146

Hunter Anderson, SEN 75-72—147

Parker Bradbury, SKY 74-73—147

Cole Lorenz, SKY 73-74—147

Tanner Berg, WST 75-72—147

Austin Berg, WST 75-72—147

Taylor Kuntz, CMR 77-70—147

Pat Culberg, MHG 77-70—147

Cody Babinecz, GFH 78-71—149

Mike Jankovich, BUT 74-76—150

Ryan Keenan, FHD 76-74—150

Easton Enott, CMR 78-73—151

Cody Sherrill GLC 76-75—151

Sean Benson, SEN 76-77—153

Dillon Eaves, GLC 79-76—155

Austin Walter, SEN 78-78—156

Zach Fischer, SEN 83-74—157

Ty Murphy, BUT 78-79—157

Nick Finkel, BOZ 81-76—157

Kyle Powell, BOZ 81-76—157

Dublin Sullivan, CAP 83-74—157

Jack Brew, SKY 79-79—158

David Follet, WST 79-79—158

Nick Bell, WST 82-76—158


Team scores

Billings West 337-345—682; Kalispell Glacier 347-337—684; Billings Senior 351-334—685; Helena Capital 361-342—703; Bozeman 356-351—707; Butte 359-356—715; Helena High 372-364—736; Great Falls High 368-387—755; Missoula Hellgate 378-389—767; Billings Skyview 432-406—838; Kalispell Flathead 418-427—845; Whitefish 425-441—866; Missoula Sentinel 449-441—890; CMR 455-470—925; Missoula Big Sky 491-472—963

Top Individuals

Kortney McNeil, SEN 78-76—154

Teigan Avery, GLR 79-76—155

Coral Schultz, CAP 78-78—156

Sammy Walter, SEN 82-75—157

Hailey Hoagland, BUT 80-79—159

Shealyn Hafer, BUT 83-84—167

Hannah Zwemke, WST 84-84—168

Ashley Bertrand, WST 85-83—168

Alli Sisson, BOZ 87-84—171

Hayden Flohr, WST 82-90—172

Tjaden Pallister, CAP 88-84—172

Hannah Davis, GLR 89-84—173

Charlee Remitz, BOZ 91-83—174

Kailey Prosser, GFH 88-86—174

Mikela Atkinson, WST 86-89—175

Audrey Trowbridge, BOZ 87-89—176

Shea Stevens, GLR 88-88—176

Elli Sullivan, WST 90-89—179

Kaydee Aurich, GLR 91-89—180

Tori McHugh, HHS 94-86—180

Katie Wills, MHG 88-92—180

Jess Radford, SEN 97-85—182

Hailey Ogolin, BUT 93-91—184

Abigail Davidson, GFH 91-94—185


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