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Jim Lynch would help business


I listened to the tea party forum in Lewistown and was pleasantly surprised with Jim Lynch. I knew about Jim as MDT director and always liked his heartfelt safety ads. In listening to Jim, I realized that he can beat Bullock and effectively run this state. I loved how he stood up to the Democrats, including his boss Schweitzer, when they wanted to shut down the heavy-wide loads. We need someone capable of helping business in Montana prosper and who is able to counter the outside interests that hinder us.

Let's face it, Rick Hill has more skeletons in his closet than a med school. I believe he's a disaster waiting to happen, and have no doubt the Dem machine is drooling at the possibility of a race against him..

Stapleton has no plan for addressing the unfunded pension liability, saying "that's a second-term issue" that Schweitzer is punting on.

Ken Miller's website touts a 49 percent "victory" in the Lewistown debate. Well, it turns out he had some followers stuffing the ballot box! So with him apparently endorsing fraudulent voting practices, he is entirely off my list.

Lynch, on the other hand, is proven, he was a small businessman that brought a business model to the MDT and was successful. He knows the issues and knows how to get the job done. He is the only one who has led effectively as a chief executive in the private and public sector. He is proven, he has my vote.

Chuck Kleffner



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