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Ken Miller's honesty, integrity win him a vote


I consider myself an independent and prefer to vote for the candidate best suited for the position, regardless of party affiliation. I value the qualities of honesty and integrity but rarely do I know the candidate on a personal level.

Although I do not agree with Ken Miller on many issues, one fact remains the same, that being Ken Miller's honesty and integrity. I have had the pleasure to know Ken Miller since 1997, and together we have conducted numerous business deals. Our deals were completed on a handshake basis and never once did Ken Miller sway from the verbal commitments in which we agreed.

Recent attacks on Ken's integrity are the kind of political slime voters are tired of hearing. We know things are not always as they seem, especially in the political environment. I am confident from my experiences with Ken Miller; he has conducted himself in an honorable fashion with the highest integrity.

Douglas E Williams



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