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Rain soaks area, no flooding reported

A timely rain fell in Montana, bringing much-needed moisture to crops and residents' lawn, without yet repeating the flooding this region has experienced in the last two years.

The National Weather Service had issued a flood advisory including parts of Hill county, with the chance of steady rain falling on melting snow in the mountains bringing more flooding to the region.

The slow and steady rain that fell for several days, canceling sporting and community events across the region, tapered off Sunday. However there were no reports of local flooding coming in to the Weather Service or local officials by this morning.

Weather Service canceled the flood advisory late Sunday morning.

The rain helped with rapidly drying conditions in the area. Moisture was dropping, despite several snowstorms and rainstorms in the past two months that brought moisture levels up, benefiting local agricultural producers looking to get in spring crops and helping along winter wheat. The heat in the previous few weeks had started again drying out the soil.

The rain over the end of last week could help bring moisture levels back up and put the moisture deeper in the soil, helping the crop year. The crops, as always, still will depend on timely moisture and good growing conditions over the next few months.

Weather Service reports, as of this morning, that Havre received 1.79 inches of precipitation for April through Sunday, up from. 5 inches the previous Sunday. Today's total puts the area at. 99 inches above normal for the month and 1.95 inches above normal for the year with 4.25 inches.

Dry conditions last year, following heavy snowfall and rain that led to presidential flood disaster declarations, dried up the area. March 18, Havre reported a. 23 inch shortage from the average value of precipitation for the month and. 29 inches for the year.

Siren test set for Thursday

The Havre emergency sirens are scheduled for a test at 9 a. m. Thursday.

The test should have both sirens running for three minutes, to ensure they are operating in case of a real emergency.

In an actual emergency people would tune to local media to find out what they should do and what is happening.


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