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Apologies for mistake in recipe book


One of the recipes in the Friends of the Library pie recipe book "A Second Helping of a Slice of Delight" has an error.

My sincere apologies go to Betty Thackeray for this mistake. Betty is an excellent pie baker, and it is unfortunate this error would make her meringue recipe not turn out.

The mistake was discovered just a few days after the book's release on Valentine's Day and the correction was made to all the books still on hand. Attempts have been made to contact everyone who purchased the cookbook between Feb 14 and Feb, 20, but there may be some individuals who were missed.

The error is on page 37. The recipe is Never Fail Meringue by Betty Thackeray. In this recipe the amount of water should read 1/2 C. rather than 1 C. Preprinted stickers with the correction are available at the library if anyone wishes to stop and pick one up.

Raela Hulett

Cookbook Committee Chair


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