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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Desmond Fialkosky, Havre Swimming

Senior swimmer Desmond Fialkosky will give it all he has in Hardin

Desmond Fialkosky may not always be in the spotlight, but he has garnered his share of attention over the last four years while at Havre High.

And Fialkosky has almost done a little bit of everything as a Blue Pony.

Havre High senior Desmond Fialkosky has found success in many different ways as a student-athlete at Havre. But swimming is something he holds near and dear to his heart. Fialkosky will race in the final meet of his career today and Saturday in Hardin.

Over the last four years he has participated in basketball (freshman), track (freshman and sophomore), cross country (sophomore ,junior, and senior) and swimming (sophomore, junior, and senior). He has been a part of the Hi-Line United soccer program, and was a key in the state title the United won just last summer.

But for everything Fialkosky has achieved in athletics, he has the brain to match. Since his freshman year, Fialkosky has earned Academic All State honors for every school sanctioned sport he has participated in. He has maintained a GPA over 3.5 for the last four years.

Fialkosky has had a full plate the last four years, but right now he is focused on state swimming.

This will be his third year representing the Ponies at the state level, and he is looking for a top finish, both individually and team wise. Last season in the breaststroke he placed No. 16 overall, while the HHS Medley Relay team placed in the top 12 as well.

This weekend he and the rest of the Ponies have a shot at continuing to work their way up the state ladder. Fialkosky is expected to do his best swimming in the relays.

Here's five questions as the Blue Pony senior prepares for his final races as a high school swimmer.

HDN: What is the atmosphere like at the state swim meet, compared to other meets during the season?

Fialkosky: "It's huge, the state swim meet is what I look forward to every year, and it is the dread and the excitement mixed together that makes it so great. It is just a whole different level. Most meets you can just swim and have fun, but at state everybody is there to compete and to win."

HDN: How do you prepare for a big meet?

Fialkosky: "Before a meet like state, I try to eat healthy, take it easy, and relax. But at state, I keep that relaxed mentality, but I also get focused. I listen to music that gets me pumped up and ready to go, and that helps me out. But once you are on the blocks, everything else just fades away."

HDN: What has your experience been like being a part of the Havre High swim program?

Fialkosky: "I love this Havre High program, and I love (coach) Chris (Inman), she is probably one of the best coaches I have ever had. She is nice, and easy to get along with and this is a family. This was a great bonding experience and I have really learned what team is. This is also where I have made most of my friends, through swimming."

HDN: Is there any secret to achieving fast times in the pool?

Fialkosky: "The only secret to swimming a fast time for me is to just put my heart into it. If you go out there, it doesn't matter how good you are because if you go out just to swim and get into shape, you aren't going to get those fast times. You have to put your all into it every race. That is the secret, just work hard every day at practice, and when you swim, swim like you can't get out to the pool. That is always a goal of mine."

HDN: What would it mean for you and the rest of the boys team to place at state this weekend?

Fialkosky: "It would be the greatest feeling. Even getting in the top 12 would be amazing because we are facing Class AA teams and they are hard to beat. But I really think that this year we have what it takes to perform well and do great things. We are hoping for the best and I know the whole team is going to go out there and do their best. I am just excited for whatever we get, as long as we swim hard and get personal bests, that is all we can ask for."


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