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State A Wrestling Update: Ponies see 15 grapplers reach day two in Billings.

Updated at 8:15 p.m.: The Havre Blue Ponies finished the first day of the 2013 Class A state tournament with a big lead and 15 of 17 wrestlers still alive. In Friday night's second round of consolation matches, Havre lost only two matches. The Blue Ponies scored a total of 129.5 points, while Sidney is a distant second with 95.

Here are Havre's Results from Friday night's second-round consolation matches: 135 - Gilbert Bara (HAV) def Easton Albert (HAM), Fall 4:59; 145 - Wyatt Lott (COR) def Gunnar Aageson (HAV), T-Fall 16-0; 152 - Garret Chapel (LIB) def Jordan Schroeder (HAV), Fall 4:31; 160 - Jason Kohler (HAV) def Jacob Burgess (CFS), Fall 1:29, J T Belcourt (HAV) def Travis Kaufman (GLE), M-Dec 9-0; 171 - Jake Williams (HAV) def Casey Fredericks (HAR), Fall 4:08; 189 - Jase Billy (HAV) def Monty Jessop (COR), M-Dec 9-1; Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Robert Becker (HAR), Dec 5-3.

Updated at 6:25 p.m. Throught three complete rounds at the Class A state tournament in Billings, the Havre Blue Ponies are well on their way. Havre pushed nine grapplers, including four freshmen into Saturday morning's semifinal round, while not losing any of its 17 competitors through the first round of consolation wrestlebacks. After three rounds of wrestling, the Ponies scored 115. points, Sidney had 82 and Glendive had 78.

Here are Havre's Results from Friday afternoon's Quarterfinals and Consolation First Round: Quarters: 98 - Keegan Kenelly (HAV) def Kohltin Starkel (DIL), Dec 5-3; 105 - Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Paul Allsop (COR), Fall :27, Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Carson Meyer (ANA), Fall 1:37; 112 - Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Trey Sokoloski (GLE), Fall :30; 130 - Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Colton Gove (CFS), Fall 2:40; 135 - Mitch Haugen (LIB) def Gilbert Bara (HAV), Dec 4-2; 140 - Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Chase Ramberg (CFS), Fall 5:06; 171 - David Anderson (FTN) def Jake Williams (HAV), Dec 3-0; 189 - Grant Pattison (HAV) def Dace Fisher (SID), Fall 1:34, Steven Keeten (HAR) def Jase Billy (HAV), Dec 2-1; 215 - Tyler Adams (HAV) def Ejay Stuen (GLE), Fall 1:04, Travis Adams (HAV) def Zach Dolezal (LIB), Fall 3:02.

Consolation 1st rd - 145 - Gunnar Aageson (HAV) def Judah Prestegaard (WFH), M-Dec 11-3; 152 - Jordan Schroeder (HAV) def Dylan Flack (ANA), Fall :46; 160 - Jason Kohler (HAV) def Doug Womack (FTN), Dec 6-0, J T Belcourt (HAV) def Dayton Cogdill (CEN), M-Dec 13-2; 285 - Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Christian Gomez (SID), Dec 11-4

The Havre Blue Ponies scored 78 points to lead the Class A state tournament after the first round this morning in Billings. The Ponies advanced 12 of their 17 wrestlers to this afternoon's Quarterfinals which are ongoing.

Here are the HHS results from this morning's Round One.

98 - Keegan Kenelly (HAV) def James Buckley (WFH), Fall 1:41; 105 - Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Ty Hight (LIB), Fall 1:12, Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Dillon Thorsteinson (WFH), Fall :16; 112 - Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Jaben Wenzel (POL), Fall 2:43; 130 - Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Gabino Ramirez (HAR), Fall 1:09; 135 - Gilbert Bara (HAV) def Jon Verlanic (LAU), Dec 5-2; 140 - Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Jon Lemon (HAR), T-Fall 16-0; 145 - Tyler Kinn (GLE) def Gunnar Aageson (HAV), Fall 3:04; 152 - Spencer Brost (SID) def Jordan Schroeder (HAV), Fall 5:24; 160 - Ethan Reich (ANA) def J T Belcourt (HAV), Fall 4:41, Lane Boka (DIL) def Jason Kohler (HAV), M-Dec 12-1; 171 - Jake Williams (HAV) def Alex Draper (HAM), Fall 5:12; 189 - Grant Pattison (HAV) def Monty Jessop (COR), Fall 3:48, Jase Billy (HAV) def Austin Brentlinger (DIL), Fall 3:18; 215 - Tyler Adams (HAV) def Luke Channer (COR), Fall :52, Travis Adams (HAV) def James Weidow (COR), Fall 3:59; HWT - Donovan Hucke (DIL) def Dustin Odegard (HAV), Fall 2:18.


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