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Bullhook Clinic construction money should stay in Havre


Once again, I read about the wonderful benefits of Bullock Clinic. I'm sure that it will benefit those who are less fortunate get medical care, but the looming question for me is why the clinic is having a Great Falls firm build a facility that is for Havre residents and giving revenue and jobs to people who will take the money and spend it in Great Falls.

I did some research on the board member who chose to go with the Great Falls firm over a Havre firm purely on a minor technicality. Some of the board members are college employees who should know the benefits of having a hometown firm do the work.

Todd Hanson, the leader of the board, appears to have led the group into believing that sending revenue out of town is not that big of an issue. Clausen & Sons has done many jobs in Havre and has lways come in on budget and on time with the finished product a work of art.

Clausen has done work on City Hall and built the Border Patrol Station (even the government was intelligent enough to keep the project in Havre). There are numerous projects over the years, and no one does it better.

What happened to "Havre Has It" and "It's the People." The board may want to reconsider their choice and explain to folks who will use the clinic why common sense does not prevail.

The clinic will use federal dollars. I encourage folks to write their legislators and express their displeasure with their tax dollars being sent to a city that thrives on federal money, Shame on the Bullhook board.

Bob Rice, USN Retired



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