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Hidden Hollows Eagle Scout project update


Many of you are aware of this project, but for those of you who are not: I am reclaiming a campground, now named Hidden Hollows in Beaver Creek Park, about 1 mile south of Lions Campground on the west side of the road.

This campground has the potential for seven camp sites that I plan to designate with fire pits, picnic tables and shelters with tin roofs and concrete pads. I will also be fixing the existing outhouse unless funding allows for a new one.

My original estimated costs for this project were $8,000, plus or minus.

However, through the process I realized it will cost more and increased my estimated costs to $10,000, plus or minus. I have been fundraising to cover these costs.

To date I have raised more than $6,000 for this project and I am only $4,000 away from the $10,000 goal.

I still have the following dedication plaques available to purchase:

  • Five complete shelters at $500 each (can be split into roof or frame for $250 each)
  • Three concrete pads at $275 each
  • Two picnic tables at $225 each

General donations are always welcome. All funds received in excess of the project will be donated to Beaver Creek Park.

I will be building picnic tables, cutting metal rings for the fire pits, and building the shelter roofs starting this month.

Anyone interested in helping please "Like" Boy Scout Troop 1438 Facebook page. I will have updates and work days posted there for anyone interested.

I am proud to be a part of such a giving and caring community. Thank-you to everyone who has supported this project and me.

Corey Lloyd (Knowlton)

Troop 1438


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