Don't jump to conclusions with vice-chancellor


August 27, 2013

I was surprised at your article on the newly resigned vice-chancellor at Montana State University-Northern being criticized for raising the grade of a student at her former administrative position. After all, reviewing student grades and helping them with make-up assignments is often one of the central duties of administrators. And changing grades once the work is completed or corrected or made-up is often an administrator's responsibility.

We would have to know many more of the details of the case involved to have any reason for judging this administrative action. How was the grade arrived at in the first place? Was the faculty member involved in or absent when the grade review occurred? How responsibly was the grade review done? Was the change of grade properly earned by the student?

Unless we know many more of the details of this situation, we have to be skeptical of any implication that it was wrongly done.

Bill Thackeray, Havre


Reader Comments

Willy writes:

Great Job Dr. Thackeray, very true! There still is no reason why this was in the article.

Interested writes:

Try this link for information regarding Dr. Templeton.

syattica writes:

There was no grade review.The student--the daughter of the treasurer of West Virginia--had Incompletes in two classes taught by the same professor. While this profeesor was still listed as the teacher of record Dr. Templeton changed both incompletes to A in violation of Marshall policy. The provost's actions resulted in investigations by Marshall's faculty senate, the FBI and a federal grand jury. I don't know about you but I find these facts newsworthy and noteworthy.


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