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Nursing students want to follow in footsteps of predecessors


October 16, 2013

Due to the recent press covering the events occurring within Montana State University-Northern's nursing program, I feel that it is vital to clarify the opinions of students who are being portrayed. Many students, including myself, are finding the course material difficult, but we are adjusting and confident that we will pass the courses. It is not fair to only hold the staff accountable for any student failures or to blame it on the coursework.

This program is very difficult, but it is so due to the fact that we will be holding careers that affect lives. The material presented and tested on needs to prepare us for our future careers and push us so when we are in certain situations, we can fall back on our schooling to help us troubleshoot.

With these recent "opinions" being published, it's greatly embarrassing to myself and other students. This is not how all of us feel about the program or the instructors. I know that Northern has been a reputable provider of excellent nursing staff to the Hi-Line. My goal, along with other students, is to follow within the footsteps traveled by many before us.

Though the journey may be tough, we are prepared to dedicate ourselves to the program so that we can proudly say, "I graduated from MSU-Northern's nursing program."

Matthew Shull



Reader Comments

mamasan writes:

Smitty: Where do you get YOUR figures about 2/3 of the class is failing? I still maintain that the students should be held accountable for learning. I doubt that information is being tested on that has not been presented in class. Remember textbooks tests are as a rule very difficult.

Smitty writes:

Matthew, I am assuming by your post that you are passing. How about giving up some figures?. How many students are passing ALL of the nursing courses?. How many students are enrolled?. I know that a high majority are failing(at all three campuses) which leads me to understand that there is some problems with the teaching of the courses. In this instance the majority (students) are not wrong. Corrected action must be taken immediately !! Failing 2/3 of the students is unacceptable!!

Smitty writes:

The State Board of Nursing, the University Chancellor, the Montana State Commissioner of Higher Education does not get involved when only a few students have issues. The general public is not a where of the full issues involving the Nursing Program and the students. Eventually they will be. At this moment, the nursing students some of which are licensed LPN's are trying desperately to succeed at MSU. This program as well as the teachers need to be evaluated immediately and corrected!!!!

notjustyou writes:

It seems to me that if the State Board of Nursing is involved, it impacts all of the nursing students, not just those that have a beef with specific faculty members or courses. I hope this isn't a case where the complaints of a few become a problem for all. What is the optimal solution here for those students that are involved in the shenanigans? Do you want faculty fired? Do you want grades changed? Do you want to be taught specifically to a test? Shut down the whole program?

CitizenRN writes:

It seems as if this issue goes a little deeper than just hard testing material. If you don't know what the fight is about you should probably stay out of the fight.

Anonymous writes:

Is this a joke? Do you honestly believe that nursing students, especially the second years who have SUCCESSFULLY completed one year of nursing are moaning and groaning about the coursework being too hard? Are you kidding me right now? Let me make it very clear that being tested on material that you are not taught is not too difficult. It's insane. Unjust. Whatever adjective you'd like to insert there. Congrats on not being affected by all the shenanigans going on. Happy trails to you.


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