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Dow was right about sidewalks - city should do more work


February 17, 2014

I agree with Rick Dow. I've lived in this area of Havre for 31 years, and the city has never taken care of the boulevards, the sidewalks or the streets. They have never cleaned the snow off the streets or trimmed the trees in all that time. Why don't they do the work that should be done on the city property?

Loretta Fredriksen



Reader Comments

Oldtimehavreite writes:

Great letter, Loretta. The government has an obligation to care for us. Don't let the city short change you on the benefits that you are supposed to get.

2smart4u writes:

Why don't people like you go do some research on sidewalks? The city does NOT own them. They do, however, have the right-of-way to them AS DO MOST CITIES. Name one city that goes out and shovels sidewalks. That is YOUR responsibility as a HOMEOWNER. Instead of whining that the government isn't taking care of you, why don't you encourage an entrepreneur to do that for you, creating jobs and tax base? Huh? I thought you Republicans were for SMALLER government, guess not by YOUR letter hypocrite


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