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Nontrapper opposes trapping ban


March 10, 2014

I’d like to start by saying that I am not a trapper. I have never trapped, and I don’t necessarily believe that I will start. However, the more I learned about trapping and the charge against it led by out-of-state groups I’ve never heard of, the more compelled I felt to speak up.

I am a lifelong hunter and angler, and over the years as I honed my skills in those areas, I have come to understand how valuable trapping is to maintaining balance and managing wildlife.

It’s an incredibly unsettling thought to imagine Montana without trapping. These decisions directly affect the management of wildlife and wildlife habitat. The simple truth is that they are decisions that are too important to be made at the ballot box; they need to be made based on sound, solid, science, not on emotion.

Trapping is an important part of our heritage and tradition here in Montana. I know that I want my children to have the same opportunities to hunt and fish as I have had, and allowing the practice of trapping will help to ensure those opportunities.

Mark Myers



Reader Comments

Kyle writes:

Bob if you drive about 1400 miles to the southwest that will put you back in the state of California where you can hug your animals and live in your communism. We need trapping in the state of montana its a fact!

bob writes:

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that the decision to allow trapping is too important a subject to be decided at the ballot box? You can call it wildlife management all you want, but what you really mean is killing animals for fun, and profit. I want these kinds of perpetrators to be jailed for their crimes against our wild animals. Speaking of Montana tradition, how about wife beating and child molesting too. I say the ballot box is the best place to decide the trapping issue

Snowman writes:

Mr. Myers is spot on with the trapping in Montana. Without trapping the population of deer and antelope and all game birds will disappear without trapping control of the prediters that eat these animals. Then they will be over populated and die of disease and starvation. We do not need these out of state tree huggers to start telling the people of Montana what we need to do. We have been getting along fine for many years without this outside help and don't need or want it now.


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