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A paper trail of embezzlement at Rocky Boy

The federal government filed documents showing what facts it was prepared to prove in court against Tony Belcourt, 42, and Hunter Burns, 48.

The two entered guilty pleas in some of six indictments — four of which involving Tony Belcourt and Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation psychologist James Howard Eastlick Jr.

Two other cases indict Tony Belcourt and his wife, Hailey, on tax and bank fraud. Tony Belcourt pleading guilty to tax fraud Wednesday as well as to theft and two counts of bribery.

Burns pleaded guilty to filing false claims in government-funded projects.

Belcourt and Burns, in separate...


Reader Comments(4)

frankieh writes:

We NEED a new council; completely new. If the council didn't know about all of the malfeasance they should be impeached and if they did know they should be prosecuted. Either way they are very incompetent and should be replaced. People of Rocky Boy is this what you want your leaders to do?

concerned writes:

This Tribe should not only be put on HIGH RISK, there definately need to be some oversight, proven they can't manage their own affairs. Has self-determination, become self-greed?

Rich writes:

Quit giving money to the reservation that would fix the problem. This happens far more then we think. And not only on the Rocky Boy Reservation all reservations.

DonnieSue writes:

Enough of this ridiculousness, Mr. U.S. Attorney, They have pled guilty because they are guilty, Sentence them to do time and get it over with and by the way where is the Chippewa Cree people's money? Confiscate the homes, money, cars, equipment, livestock and ANYTHING of value and auction it off and the money put back in the bank account of the tribe. Next time keep better watch on what is happening to the Tribe's spending. I hear some of the Burns Construction equipment is hidden up in Babb.