Concern over Border Patrol involvement during standoff


April 16, 2014

I live in a small town in northwestern Montana, close to the Canadian border — 7 miles — and I saw a picture in The Daily Interlake of an incident that happened in Havre Monday, April 7, with a picture of a federal Border Patrol officer holding an automatic rifle on a suspected citizen.

Why are there federal police doing local city, county and state police duties? Are the local and state police in fear of harm or that someone may stand up, may not be afraid of them? Are there so many or too many federal police that they have nothing in their own jurisdiction to uphold?

Kind of frightening and alarming that this is happening. Picture proof.

With this much noticeable law enforcement, why is it we are always asked to increase taxes to add additional police? What are our and your local law enforcement really up to?

Mike Gordon



Reader Comments

LvMises writes:

If you expect bureaucracies to allocate resources efficiently, you're gonna have a bad time. See: The Economic Calculation Problem

Rick writes:

Well it was on Highway 2 which is a state highway, so no one was out of their jurisdiction?? Cant fix stupid

Moosemt writes:

Law enforcement has a kind of brother unity thing. Of course they will come running to help another Law enforcement agency. Why wouldn't they. I'm sure there wasn't even a doubt in any of their minds to help each other out. They all did fabulous.

Slickyboyboo writes:

Border Patrol, Highway Patrol , it makes no difference, these police groups are trained and designated to a certain job, so yes why are they in town doing the job of the city police dept. and the sheriffs dept.? Highway Patrol, the key word here is highway, stay out there and do your jobs and I also think you don't need to be pulling your handgun or rifles for intimidation as much as you do. Border dudes, stay on the border where you belong and let the city police where the crime is handle it.

Havrewitness writes:

Actually there were several boarder patrol agent's at the scene and also helping block traffic during this indecent.

thankful writes:

I quite appreciate the protection Havre received from the Havre Police Dept., Hill Co. Sheriff Dept., Montana Highway Patrol, Border Patrol and Customs, FBI, Cascade Co. Law Enforcement, and Liberty Co. Law Enforcement. The suspect was carrying a loaded gun!!! I would much rather have more law enforcement than necessary. Of note, no one touched that man until he SHOT HIMSELF! Kudos to our law enforcement, the citizens of Havre affected, and the businesses that were closed or donated supplies.

correction writes:

Just for the record, the picture you saw was not a BP Agent as stated by Havre Daily News. This was actually a picture of Montana Highway Patrol.


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