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Fair board talks manager, nixes pig wrestling

The Great Northern Fair Board held discussions Tuesday night concerning pig wrestling and the fairgrounds manager position.

Tim Solomon, fairgrounds manager, talked about the position for the management of the fairgrounds.

Solomon resigned his post as a part-time fairgrounds manager last month after nearly 12 years. His resignation will go into effect March 31.

According to an advertisement that will be placed in newspapers, the board will be accepting written proposals for year-round fairgrounds management.

The successful bidder will not to be a Hill County employee but rather

an independent contractor or business. The new fairgrounds manager would be required to live at a house on the fairgrounds, Solomon said.

Bid packets are available at the Hill County Commission Office, 314 4th St. and are to be returned to the Hill County Commission Office by March 6 by 5 p.m. for consideration.

Scott Doney, a board member, suggested that perhaps the fair board could hire more than one person to fill Solomon's position if need be.

"I wonder if we don't get somebody that wants to do the whole thing, how much work it would be to break different things up (such as) managing the grounds," he said. "I know it's more work to break it up, but it might be what we have to do to get it all covered."

Solomon said for this year's fair, pig wrestling has been canceled as of now.

"Part of it was that we figured that we couldn't fit it in ... that was the bigger point - where (we'd) put it...," he said.

After the meeting, Solomon added that, at this moment, the pig wrestling event is off the table.

"I don't foresee that it's in - we voted it down so far," he added.

The next fair board meeting is scheduled for March 10.


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