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Lt. Gov. McLean to speak to Hill County Dems

Lt. Gov. Angela McLean will speak to Hill County Democrats and interested residents about Gov. Steve Bullock's plan to expand Medicaid, 5:30 p.m., Tuesday at the Havre Eagles Club.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Legislature can expand Medicaid for up to 70,000 people.

The federal government picks up the full tab in the first year, and that lowers to 90 percent after three years.

Bullock and McLean are Democrats.

Hill County Democratic chair Brenda Skornogoski is urging Democrats and other interested parties to attend the session.

Passions are running high in Helena over the issues. Democrats are united in supporting the plan, while most Republicans are skeptical. The issue is expected to come to legislative committees in coming weeks.

McLean will be speaking around the state, hoping to drum up public support for the plan.

Skornogoski said that people earning up to 138 percent of the poverty level will be eligible for the expanded Medicaid program.

Many people in that income bracket have a hard enough time paying for food and necessities and can't afford health care.

Small-town hospitals and health care facilities often have to write off some patient accounts because they can't pay for it, she said.

McLean will speak and then answer questions.

Following her talk, Democrats will hold their monthly meeting.


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