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Local Bowling Report: Shawn Mariani rolls another 300 game

Ten Pin Chatter...

After one weekend of play in the No-tap Mixed Doubles the top four positions are: first, Alicia Burrington and Ryan Mapes with 1.716; second, Denise Freide and Kyle Surber with 1,652; third, Alicia Burrington and Chris Owens with 1,648; and fourth, Suener Springer and Shawn Mariani with 1,603.

The tournament runs for two more weekends on Saturday and Sundays. Also the $500 prize is still available for a 292 game.

Monday night saw Shawn Mariani add another 300-game to his string of prefection. This one puts him in double figures. The 300 was the first one of a four game set. He followed with 23...


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