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Northern Montana Hospital to lose funds - along with half the nation

Five hospitals in Montana will be penalized for readmission rates, including Northern Montana Hospital.

Readmission rates allude toward the number of patients who return to a hospital after being released from that hospital and more than half of the United States’ hospitals don’t stand up to the proposed rate set up by Medicare. That’s 2,592 hospitals penalized, or 54 percent of all hospitals.

Specifically, rates for each hospital were figured through readmission rates of patients with one of five conditions: heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, chronic lung problems or effective knee or hi...


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Tamara Sooter writes:

1 in 5 is the same ratio of patients who cannot afford their medication. I understand you can't fix a bad hip replacement with drugs, but 54% of hospitals is a high number. I wonder if there's a connection and we are getting dinged for something not our fault.

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