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Agenda - Havre City-County Airport Board

Havre City-County Airport Board will meet in City Hall Thursday at 3 p.m.

The meeting agenda is:

1. Approval of Sept. 21 minutes.

2. Correspondence.

3. Reports:

(A) Manager

(B) Inspection

(C) Finance

(D) Engineer - DOWL

a. Taxiway and Apron Area Project Update

4. Public Comments

5. Unfinished Business

(A) Big Hangar Repair Status

a. Siding

(B) NorthWestern Energy Power Bill

6. New Business

(A) Audit Report- Anderson Zurmuehlen

(B) CIP Update

(C) Apron-Taxiway Project Amendment

(D) Airport Credit Card Consideration

(E) Snow Removal Plan

(F) Wildlife Assessment Training in Glendive.

(G) Review o...


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