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Letter to the Editor - Don't tie faith to politics


October 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

I saw on Facebook a post “If Jesus was a Republican” and the things He was doing shocked me. For one point most people I know do not tie their faith to any political alliance. If a person does, maybe they should re-evaluate their own Christian beliefs or their political loyalty.

How I feel about the political arena has nothing to do with my beliefs, my faith on Jesus Christ, my acceptance of others, or anything else. Whom I love and care for and how I care for them is strictly between my Savior and me.

If a person feels that their political allegiance must dictate every aspect of their lives, maybe they should stop and re-evaluate life. My understanding is we have been given the ability to reason and think for ourselves. If we must be told everything we need to do and think, maybe it is the time to do a self-assessment as to what is truly important.

If Jesus were a Republican I doubt seriously He would change anything He did during His life. He would still have performed the miracles He performed, fed those He fed, and performed the sacrifice He performed for all of us; His great Vicarious Atonement.


Clyde A. Murray



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