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Havre's Helping Haven gets new look with new manager

A new manager of a thrift store has rolled out some changes in the store since she took over.

Jill Miller started as store manager of Havre's Helping Haven in March, and said that the store has had several changes to help improve services for the community since then.

"If you haven't been here before, just check us out," she said.

Helping Haven has was established in 2015, taking over the work of the Community Giveaway House, she said.

In the early 1970s, Ruth Nystrom and Ann Friesen created the Community Giveaway House, which would accept donations of items such as food, clothing, furniture,...


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Vicky Michels writes:

The improvement in the Helping Haven has been amazing. Please remember them when you need to downsize. Donations are put to great use.

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