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COVID-19 tracking update, Oct. 20, 2020

Hill County reported Monday evening a COVID-19-related death.

The total number of cases of COVID-19 in Montana on the state map after today's 10 a.m. update was 24,093 with 706 new cases.

The number of hospitalizations, including people hospitalized before being tested, was 1,055 with 360 active hospitalizations. The number of tests completed was 445,021 with 2,655 new tests listed this morning. The number of deaths was 252. The number of recoveries was 14,842 and the number of active cases was 8,999.

Local cases by county:

Hill: 42 new cases, 589 total, 268 active, 8 active hospitalizations, 307 recovered, 14 deaths

Liberty: new cases, 28 total, 3 active, 25 recovered

Blaine: 13 new cases, 242 total, 131 active, 9 active hospitalizations, 108 recovered, 3 deaths

Chouteau: 6 new cases, 62 total, 19 active, 43 recovered

Rocky Boy - Also included in Hill or Chouteau county numbers - 29 new cases, 144 active, 134 active on the reservation, 3active hospitalizations

People can visit the state tracking map, normally updated about 10 a.m. each day, online through links at and at .


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