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Letter to the Editor - Right to work for less


I applaud the defeat of right-to-work legislation in Montana, where the House of Representatives voted 62-38 in a bipartisan rejection of the anti-worker bill-HB 251

Right to work sounds good on paper, but in reality it means lower paying jobs, fewer benefits and more dangerous workplaces. It is being pushed by out-of-state special interests who believe workers do not deserve a say in the terms of their employment. Plain and simple, it’s a corporate giveaway at the expense of everyday Montana families.

I’m thrilled that the Montana House of Representatives has rejected this misguided and harmful right -to-work legislation.

AFSCME members and their families worked hard to send a message to the Legislature that right-to-work legislation is wrong for Montana, and the failure of HB 251 is a victory for our economy and all working people in our state. I applaud the Montana House of Representatives for voting against this damaging legislation that would drive down wages, weaken the middle class, threaten organized labor and hurt economic growth. I’m hopeful that the actions taken will resonate for a long time and have an impact in other states considering damaging right-to-work legislation.

AFSCME Montana Council 9 Executive Director Timm Twardoski



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