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Unopposed primary candidates advance to general election

Tuesday's primary selected the winners of several contested elections in the area sending them to the general election - some to face opponents there and some in uncontested races - but numerous unopposed primary candidates advanced, also to face opposition in the general election for some, some to unopposed races.

One legislative contest is set in Havre, with both sides unopposed in the primary.

Rep. Ed Hill, R-Havre, received 826 votes in the primary for House District 28, which essentially comprises Havre.

He will face Democrat Paul Tuss in the general election, who received 755 primary votes.

In House District 33, Rep. Casey Knudsen, R-Malta, received 1,864 votes and will face Democrat Jordan Ophus of North Havre, who received 388 primary votes, in the general election.

Other local legislative races are uncontested in the general election. Senate District 14, though, will see Sen. Russ Tempel, R-Chester, who won the primary, face Democrat Dave Brewer of Havre.

In House District 27, Rep. Josh Kassmier, R-Fort Benton, received 2,411 votes and is unopposed in the general election.

In House District 32, Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, D-Box Elder, received 293 votes and is unopposed in the general election.

In the Hill County Commission race, none of the three candidates had opposition - as an independent, Les Odegard didn't even have a primary - but now are in a three-way race.

Odegard will face incumbent Republican Commissioner Diane McLean, who received 1,278 primary votes, and Democrat Sheri Williams, who received 1,027 votes in the primary.

The rest of Hill County's races are uncontested in the general as well as the primary.

In uncontested primary races, Hill County Sheriff Jamie Ross, a Democrat, received 1,093 votes.

Republican Hill County Attorney Lacey Lincoln received 1,348 votes in her bid to retain her position, to which she was appointed last fall.

Hill County Superintendent of Schools Vicki Proctor, a Republican, received 1,365 votes.

Democrat Kathy Olson received 1,013 votes in her bid for re-election as Hill County auditor.

Hill County Treasurer and Assessor Sandy Brown received 1,049 votes in the Democratic primary in that race.

In the nonpartisan primary for Hill County justice of the peace, Judge Audrey Barger received 2,557 votes in her bid for re-election.

In uncontested Blaine County primaries, all of which also are uncontested in the general election, Republican Pauly Miller received 734 votes.

Democratic Blaine County Sheriff John Colby received 261 votes in his re-election bid.

Democratic Blaine County Attorney Kelsie Whitney Harwood received 270 votes in the primary for that race.

Blaine County Superintendent of Schools Valerie White, a Republican, received 692 votes in that primary.

Democratic Blaine County Treasurer Tori DesRosier received 283 votes in her re-election bid.

In the nonpartisan race for Blaine County justice of the peace, Judge Perry Miller received 1,061 votes.

In Chouteau County, four incumbents, all Republicans, advanced to unopposed races in the general election.

In the primary, Chouteau County Sheriff and Coroner Vern Burdick received 1,073 votes, Chouteau County Attorney Stephen Gannon received 1,089 votes, Chouteau County Treasurer and Assessor Toni Eckhoff received 1,092 votes and Chouteau County Clerk and Recorder Lana Claassen received 1,193 votes.

Liberty County had a senior citizens activities and public transportation mill levy on the primary ballot, which passed 643-156.

Liberty County also had three unopposed incumbents advance to unopposed general election races.

Republican Liberty County Attorney Robert Padmos received 621 primary votes.

Republican Liberty County Superintendent of Schools Katherine Armstrong received 692 primary votes.

Liberty County Treasurer and Assessor Denise Wanken, a Republican, received 782 votes in the primary.

In the nonpartisan race for Liberty County justice of the peace, Christopher Case received 686 votes to take the place of Judge Holly Frederickson, who did not file for re-election.


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