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Williams, Tuss, Tempel win elections

Beaver Lodge tax, marijuana tax pass, Havre city manager fails

11:12 p.m.

With all votes except some outstanding provisional ballots counted, the unofficial results show Sheri Williams winning the Hill County Commission race, Paul Tuss winning the race in House District 28, and, in Hill County votes, Russ Tempel retaining his seat in Senate District 14.

In Hill County, incumbent Republican Tempel 2,726 votes to Democrat Dave Brewer's 1,310.

Tuss took 1,785 votes while incumbent Rep. Ed Hill, R-Havre, took 1,477.

And in the county commission race, Democrat Williams won a narrow victory with 1,880 votes, defeating incumbent Republican Diane McLean, who received 1,781 votes. Independent Les Odegard received 1,415 votes.

The mill levy to replace the Beaver Lodge at Camp Kiwanis in Beaver Creek Park passed 2,601-2,415, as did the Hill County marijuana local option tax, 3,791-1,215.

The proposal to switch to a city manager-form of government in Havre failed, with 1,517 against and 1,396 for.

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10:31 p.m.

With seven of 17 Hill County precincts counted so far, some races have shown significant leads.

In the race for Hill County Commissioner, Democrat Sheri Williams has 1,079 votes to incumbent Republican Commissioner Diane McLean's 879. Independent Les Odegard has 732 votes.

Incumbent Sen. Russ Tempel, R-Chester, has a commanding lead over Havre Democratic challenger Dave Brewer, 1,481 to 880.

And Democratic challenger Paul Tuss of Havre has taken the lead in his race to unseat Rep. Ed Hil, R-Havre. Tuss had 1,248 votes to Hill's 1,018.

Both the Hill County marijuana local option tax and the levy to fund replacement of Beaver Creek Park's Beaver Lodge are passing so far.

The marijuana tax has 2,022 yes votes and 624 against while the Beaver Lodge tax is passing 1,500-1,183.

The Havre city manager proposal is narrowly losing, with 1,181 votes against and 1,106 in favor.

9:45 p.m.

The first precinct in Hill County, Precinct 2 with 242 votes cast, is counted.

In the Hill County Commission race, the first precinct favored Democratic challenger Sheri Williams, with 99 votes, while incumbent Republican Commissioner Diane McLean was close behind with 84 votes. Independent Les Odegard received 56 votes.

In the race for House District 28, essentially the city of Havre, Democratic challenger took the lead with 146 votes to incumbent Republican Rep. Ed Hill took 94.

In Senate District 14, which includes Havre and House District 27 that runs from Hill and Liberty counties to the northeast corner of Cascade County, Sen. Russ Tempel, R-Chester, took the early lead over Democratic challenger David Brewer of Havre, 142-91.

In the vote on the levy for the Beaver Lodge, the yeas had 132 votes to 104 against.

The marijuana option tax had 153 votes in favor and 76 against.

The Havre city manager proposal had 89 for and 135 against.

8 p.m.

The polls have closed in Hill County and the county election administrators soon will be counting votes in the midterm elections.

On the local level, voters are picking the winners in three legislative races.

Sen. Russ Tempel, R-Chester, faces a challenge from Havre Democrat Dave Brewer.

Rep. Ed Hill, R-Havre, faces Havre Democrat Paul Tuss in his bid to retain his seat in the state House of Representatives.

And Rep. Casey Knudsen, R-Malta, faces a challenge from North Havre Democrat Jordan Ophus.

In a county race, Republican Hill County Commissioner Diane McLean faces Havre Democrat Sheri Williams, the Hill Count Commission executive assistant, and independent Les Odegard,

County voters will also decide whether to approve a mill levy to replace the Beaver Lodge at Camp Kiwanis in Beaver Creek Park and whether to set a tax on marijuana sales and Havre voters will decide on whether the city should hire a city manager.

Two Supreme Court races also are on the ballot, between incumbent Justice Jim Rice and challenger Bill D'Alton and between incumbent Justice Ingrid Gustafson and challenger James Brown.

Voters also are deciding the fate of a referendum that would require medical care for any baby born regardless of its diagnosis for survival, Ref. 131, and a constitutional amendment requiring law enforcement obtain a search warrant to obtain data from devices such as computers and cell phones.

Watch for continuous local results here.


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