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Havre wrestling takes second at Class A Duals

Another weekend, another tournament for the Havre High wrestling team. Down in Lewistown, the Blue Ponies had a strong showing in the Class A Duals with a second-place finish. While they lost in the championship to Columbia Falls, HHS head coach Beau LaSalle was pleased with how the Ponies wrestled in the dual tournament.

“I think we put together a pretty good weekend. Overall, it was a good team effort,” LaSalle said. “We had to give up a couple of forfeits and in duals that really hurts. When you spot another team 12 to 18 points, you really have to step it up in other areas and I thought our kids did a good job of that and got themselves into the championship.”

The tournament started with the Ponies competing in several duals in pool play. In their first dual, Havre defeated Libby/Troy, 47-25, thanks to strong performances from many wrestlers. In the 113-pound weight class, Havre’s Matt Lemer pinned Bridger Bache 1:07 into the match. At 126 pounds, Havre’s Reed Mantle pinned Boe Miles 2:55 into the match.

Tristian Stygles picked up another win for Havre with a 7-2 decision over Xavier Reatz at 138 pounds. At 145 pounds, Havre’s Reinhard Bold won by fall against Cael Schwindt. At 160 pounds, Havre’s Tate Nelson pinned Coby Booker in the third period. Havre’s Pierce Caplette pinned James Warner in a match at 170 pounds. At 182 pounds, Havre’s Kale Van Campen went up 16-0 for a technical fall over Matthew Niemi. Havre’s Tommy Lewis won with a quick pin against Tyler Smith at 285 pounds.

In their next dual in pool play, the Ponies defeated Lockwood 42-31. At 138 pounds, Stygles won by fall against Jeff Kordonowy. At 145 pounds, Bold pinned Trace Steinmetz. At 160 and 170 pounds, Landen and Pierce Caplette won their matches by forfeit.

Van Campen continued to wrestle well with a pin against James Mills at 182 pounds. At 285 pounds, Lewis pinned Seth Meyer. At 113 pounds, Lemer pinned Jarod Bowen.

The Ponies continued to do well in pool play with a 66-6 victory in their dual against Polson. At 138 and 145 pounds, Stygles and Bold won their matches by forfeit. At 160 pounds, Landen pinned Sheamis Cobb. Pierce pinned Jaren Keene in his match at 170 pounds.

Just 31 seconds into his match at 182 pounds, Van Campen pinned Kyrin Doty. At 205 pounds, Havre’s Mason Wilting pinned Brody Bulette 30 seconds into the match. Havre’s Teegan Solomon won by forfeit in his match at 103 pounds.

Lemer had another strong performance with a pin against Brandon Shumake at 113 pounds. Havre’s Colter Solomon also had a pin against Izayus Prewett at 126 pounds. At 132 pounds, Havre’s Carson Harris won by forfeit.

In their final dual of pool play, Havre defeated Whitefish 53-9. At 145 pounds, Bold went up 20-4 for a technical fall over Jackson Dorvall. At 170 pounds, Pierce won by forfeit. Van Campen had another good match at 182 pounds with a pin against Kitar Olsen.

At 285 and 103 pounds, Lewis and Teegan won their matches by forfeit. Lemer also won his match at 113 pounds by forfeit. Then at 126 and 132 pounds, Colter and Harris won their matches by forfeit. At 138 pounds, Stygles pinned Rylan McDaniel.

With their performance in pool play, the Ponies got a bye and went straight to the quarterfinal in the championship bracket. In the quarterfinal, the Ponies continued to wrestle well with a 41-25 dual victory over Sidney/Fairview.

At 113 pounds, Lemer won by forfeit for the Ponies. At 126 pounds, Mantle pinned Brody Keysor. Stygles won at 138 pounds with an 8-5 decision against Owen Lonski. At 152 pounds, Bold pinned Ty Schepens.

Nelson picked up a win with a 4-3 decision against Kaden Wise at 160 pounds. At 170 pounds, Landen went up 15-0 for a technical fall over Deion Potter. At 182 pounds, Pierce quickly pinned Thor Fulgam. At 205 pounds, Van Campen pinned Nathan Romo.

In the semifinal, Havre defeated Laurel, 33-28, in a dual. At 103 pounds, Teegan Solomon won an 11-0 major decision over Jonah Casterline. Then at 113 pounds, Lemer won a 4-0 decision against Konner Heath. Mantle pinned Holden Hoiness at 126 pounds. At 132 pounds, Harris pinned Eli Hill.

Stygles picked up another win for the Ponies with a 13-5 major decision over Luke Knaub at 138 pounds. At 182 pounds, Van Campen pinned Beau Mares. At 285 pounds, Lewis secured the win with an 8-0 major decision over Tye Brown.

In the championship dual, the Ponies lost, 43-23, to Columbia Falls. While the weekend ended with a loss, several Ponies won their matches. At 113 pounds, Lemer pinned Jaxson Sterling in the first period. At 126 pounds, Mantle pinned Blake Hoerner. Van Campen won by forfeit at 182 pounds and Lewis pinned Tucker Gonzales at 285 pounds.

With this tournament in the books, the Ponies only have one more tournament in the regular season before the postseason begins next month. As they approach the finish line, LaSalle believes this tournament showed that the Ponies are trending in the right direction.

“I think we’re in a good spot,” LaSalle said. “I think we’re building every week in preparation for the postseason and hopefully we’ll be wrestling our best in February.”

The HHS wrestling team will wrap up the regular season with the Browning Meet this weekend.

Havre 47, Libby/Troy 25

103 - Riley Osborn (Libby/Troy) over Teegan Soloman (Havre) Maj 14-0; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Bridger Bache (Libby/Troy) Fall 1:07; 120 - Sami Jocks (Libby/Troy) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Reed Mantle (Havre) over Boe Miles (Libby/Troy) Fall 2:55; 132 - Marley Erickson (Libby/Troy) over Carson Harris (Havre) Dec 7-2; 138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Xavier Reatz (Libby/Troy) Fall 1:11; 145 - Reinhard Bold (Havre) over Cael Schwindt (Libby/Troy) Fall 1:05; 152 - Joey Wise (Libby/Troy) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 160 - Tate Nelson (Havre) over Coby Booker (Libby/Troy) Fall 5:18; 170 - Pierce Caplette (Havre) over James Warner (Libby/Troy) Fall 2:08; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Matthew Niemi (Libby/Troy) TF 16-0; 205 - Jace DeShazer (Libby/Troy) over Mason Wilting (Havre) Fall 2:26; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Tyler Smith (Libby/Troy) Fall 0:51.

Havre 42, Lockwood 31

120 - Brody Ketterling (Lockwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Cole Krutzfeldt (Lockwood) over Reed Mantle (Havre) Fall 2:29; 132 - Dalton Hinbauch (Lockwood) over Carson Harris (Havre) Dec 6-4; 138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Jeff Kordonowy (Lockwood) Fall 2:16; 145 - Reinhard Bold (Havre) over Trace Steinmetz (Lockwood) Fall 3:41; 152 - Zane Anderson (Lockwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 160 - Landen Caplette (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 170 - Pierce Caplette (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over James Mills (Lockwood) Fall 3:00; 205 - Nathan Arthur (Lockwood) over Mason Wilting (Havre) Fall 5:07; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Seth Meyer (Lockwood) Fall 2:43; 103 - Kona Fandrich (Lockwood) over Teegan Soloman (Havre) Maj 10-2; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Jarod Bowen (Lockwood) Fall 4:24.

Havre 66, Polson 6

138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 145 - Reinhard Bold (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 152 - Double Forfeit.; 160 - Landen Caplette (Havre) over Sheamis Cobb (Polson) Fall 1:50; 170 - Pierce Caplette (Havre) over Jaren Keene (Polson) Fall 5:37; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Kyrin Doty (Polson) Fall 0:31; 205 - Mason Wilting (Havre) over Durai Mahkuk (Polson) Fall 0:30; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Brody Bulette (Polson) Fall 1:07; 103 - Teegan Soloman (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Brandon Shumake (Polson) Fall 1:10; 120 - Max Ramesar (Polson) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Colter Soloman (Havre) over Izayus Prewett (Polson) Fall 1:54; 132 - Carson Harris (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.

Havre 53, Whitefish 9

145 - Reinhard Bold (Havre) over Jackson Dorvall (Whitefish) TF 20-4; 152 - Double Forfeit; 160 - Henry Bennetts (Whitefish) over Tate Nelson (Havre) Fall 3:43; 170 - Pierce Caplette (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Kitar Olsen (Whitefish) Fall 2:37; 205 - Kai Nash (Whitefish) over Mason Wilting (Havre) Dec 6-3; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 103 - Teegan Soloman (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 120 - Double Forfeit; 126 - Colter Soloman (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 132 - Carson Harris (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Rylan McDaniel (Whitefish) Fall 2:26.

Havre 41, Sidney/Fairview 25, Quarterfinal

113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Ford.; 120 - Carson Propp (Sidney/Fairview) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Reed Mantle (Havre) over Brody Keysor (Sidney/Fairview) Fall 1:54; 132 - Reece Graves (Sidney/Fairview) over Carson Harris (Havre) Maj 12-0; 138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Owen Lonski (Sidney/Fairview) Dec 8-5; 145 - Zander Dean (Sidney/Fairview) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 152 - Reinhard Bold (Havre) over Ty Schepens (Sidney/Fairview) Fall 1:54; 160 - Tate Nelson (Havre) over Kaden Wise (Sidney/Fairview) Dec 4-3; 170 - Landen Caplette (Havre) over Deion Potter (Sidney/Fairview) TF 15-0; 182 - Pierce Caplette (Havre) over Thor Fulgam (Sidney/Fairview) Fall 0:43; 205 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Nathan Romo (Sidney/Fairview) Fall 1:01; 285 - Caleb Kleinke (Sidney/Fairview) over Tommy Lewis (Havre) UTB 3-3; 103 - Gordan Knapp (Sidney/Fairview) over Teegan Soloman (Havre) Fall 1:27.

Havre 33, Laurel 28, Semifinal

103 - Teegan Soloman (Havre) over Jonah Casterline (Laurel) Maj 11-0; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Konner Heath (Laurel) Dec 4-0; 120 - Michael Moorman (Laurel) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Reed Mantle (Havre) over Holden Hoiness (Laurel) Fall 1:29; 132 - Carson Harris (Havre) over Eli Hill (Laurel) Fall 1:24; 138 - Tristian Stygles (Havre) over Luke Knaub (Laurel) Maj 13-5; 145 - Aden Winder (Laurel) over Reinhard Bold (Havre) Dec 6-5; 152 - Jace Buchanan (Laurel) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 160 - Owen Younger (Laurel) over Tate Nelson (Havre) Fall 0:37; 170 - Camden Johnson (Laurel) over Pierce Caplette (Havre) Maj 14-4; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Beau Mares (Laurel) Fall 1:32; 205 - Kingston Oe (Laurel) over Mason Wilting (Havre) Dec 5-1; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Tye Brown (Laurel) Maj 8-0.

Columbia Falls 43, Havre 23, First-Place

103 - Traic Fainter (Columbia Falls) over Teegan Soloman (Havre) Maj 12-3; 113 - Matt Lemer (Havre) over Jaxson Sterling (Columbia Falls) Fall 0:57; 120 - Cash Byrd (Columbia Falls) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 126 - Reed Mantle (Havre) over Blake Hoerner (Columbia Falls) Fall 2:37; 132 - Dylan Delorme (Columbia Falls) over Carson Harris (Havre) Maj 9-0; 138 - Chris Rathjen (Columbia Falls) over Tristian Stygles (Havre) Dec 10-5; 145 - Billy Gustafson (Columbia Falls) over Reinhard Bold (Havre) Fall 0:35; 152 - Blaise Cronk (Columbia Falls) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 160 - Justin Windauer (Columbia Falls) over Tate Nelson (Havre) Fall 3:00; 170 - Rowdy Crump (Columbia Falls) over Pierce Caplette (Havre) Dec 5-4; 182 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.; 205 - Brandon Role (Columbia Falls) over Mason Wilting (Havre) Fall 2:00; 285 - Tommy Lewis (Havre) over Tucker Gonzales (Columbia Falls) Fall 0:40.


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