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Havre Daily online only today

Udated 3:55 p.m.

Havre Daily’s press operator was unable to overcome problems with the press in time to publish today, so the Havre Daily will be online only hopefully today only and back to a printed edition Monday.

Carriers are being asked to deliver the TV Guide, which was printed before the problems with the press arose.

Havre Daily apologizes for the inconvenience.

Subscribers can access the full website and also can access the e-edition, an electronic PDF version of the full paper, on their computers.

Subscribers who do not already have access to the e-edition can gain access by going to the website at , clicking on “Free Trial” to the right of the black bar at the top of the page, and entering their information including listing an email and setting up a username and password.

Due to issues in the press room, the Havre Daily print edition is running late but the paper still expects to have a print edition today.

Daily production next week is expected to continue with normal times.


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