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Hi-Line wrestlers bring home some hardware

In Billings this past weekend, several wrestling teams from the Hi-Line competed in the Class B/C State Wrestling Tournament and the Girls State Wrestling Tournament. In their final action of the year, several wrestlers performed well to place at state.

In the Class B/C State Wrestling Tournament, Worden took first with 206 team points while Eureka finished second with 124 points and Conrad took third with 103.5 points. The highest-finishing team from the Hi-Line in that tournament was Fort Benton in 21st place with 29 team points.

Damian Ort finished fourth for Fort Benton as he wrestled in the 205-pound weight class. He started his run by winning a 7-3 decision against Conrad’s Xavier Wood. In the consolation bracket, Ort pinned Baker’s Tucker Turbiville and Boulder’s Dylan Stevens. In the consolation semifinals, Ort won a 3-1 sudden victory over Wolf Point’s Micheal Bell.

Big Sandy finished 22nd in the tournament with 26 team points. Quinn Rodewald finished fourth at 120 pounds for the Pioneers. He started the weekend by winning a 15-2 major decision against Max Rosenthal from Florence-Carlton. In the quarterfinal, Rodewald won a 6-4 sudden victory over Dylan Mikesell from Boulder. In the consolation semifinals, Rodewald pinned Rosenthal.

Chinook finished 26th with 23 team points. Walter Schoen finished fourth for Chinook as he wrestled at 160 pounds. He started the tournament with a pin against Edel Fernando Rascon Portillo from Manhattan. In the consolation bracket, Schoen pinned Cascade’s Cache Carroll and Florence-Carlton’s Christian Englund. In the consolation semifinals, Schoen won a 4-1 decision against Superior’s Turner Milender.

In the Girls State Wrestling Tournament, Chinook finished tied for 15th with 52 team points. Emma Klingaman finished 3rd for Chinook as she wrestled at 126 pounds. She started the weekend with a pin against Mariska Harris from Helena Capital. In the consolation bracket, Klingaman pinned Corvallis’ Jocelyn Covington and Choteau’s Lucy Armstrong. In the consolation semifinal, Klingaman pinned Ashlynn Kistenmacher from Shepherd. In the third-place match, Klingaman won a 2-1 decision against Sophie Grunhuvd from Butte.

Her teammate Grace Buck finished fourth at 107 pounds. She started her run with a pin against Shaelynn Sinerius from Helena Capital. Then in the quarterfinal, Buck pinned Hannah Leonard from Billings Skyview. In a consolation match, Buck won a 5-2 decision against Sophi Catt from Billings Senior.

Harlem finished 40th in the girls tournament with 22 team points. Kaitlyn Johnson finished fifth for Harlem at 132 pounds. She started her run with a pin against Kylie Shine from Glacier. In the consolation bracket, Johnson pinned Lizzy Sherman from Billings Senior and then won a 3-0 decision against Ryleigh Warner from Anaconda. In the fifth-place match, Johnson pinned Frenchtown’s Rebel Montanez.

Thankfully for their respective programs, several of these wrestlers will return next season. After placing at this year’s tournament, they will look to continue improving in order to bring back some more hardware to the Hi-Line. 

Class B/C State Wrestling Tournament

Team Scores

Worden 206, Eureka 124, Conrad 103.5, Glasgow 98, Florence-Carlton 89, Choteau 86, Cut Bank 86, Red Lodge 70, Baker 62, Superior 62, Forsyth 61, Malta/Whitewater 60, Boulder 57, Fairfield/Augusta 56, Plains/Hot Springs 45, Anaconda 42, Columbus/Absarokee 39, Broadus 34, Circle 33, Thompson Falls 31, Noxon 31, Fort Benton 29, Big Sandy 26, Cascade 25.5, Wolf Point 24, Shepherd 23.5, Chinook 23, Poplar 23, Colstrip 18, Whitehall/Harrison 12, Simms 10, Manhattan 8, Roundup 6, Saint Ignatius/Charlo 6, Harlem 5, Townsend 4, Shelby 4, Valier 3. 

103 — 1st Place — Richard Schmidt of Cut Bank; 2nd Place — Ethan Reynolds of Huntley Project (Worden); 3rd Place — Makiya Plummer of Glasgow; 4th Place — Paden Nelson of Circle; 5th Place — Blake Hodgskiss of Choteau; 6th Place — Owen Pesanti of Anaconda. 

113 — 1st Place — Blake Ramaeker of Huntley Project (Worden); 2nd Place — Trey Starcher of Forsyth; 3rd Place — Ryan Wiggins of Forsyth; 4th Place — Colin Hickman of Lincoln County (Eureka); 5th Place — Rowan Miller of Florence-Carlton; 6th Place — Cody Kuka of Glasgow.

120 — 1st Place — Baylor Burton of Huntley Project (Worden); 2nd Place — Timothy Schmidt of Lincoln County (Eureka); 3rd Place — Logan VanDyke of Conrad; 4th Place — Quinn Rodewald of Big Sandy; 5th Place — Dylan Mikesell of Jefferson (Boulder); 6th Place — Max Rosenthal of Florence-Carlton.


126 — 1st Place — Asher Clayton of Choteau; 2nd Place — Blaine VanDyke of Conrad; 3rd Place — Blake Lancaster of Lincoln County (Eureka); 4th Place — Jon Ebel of Red Lodge HS; 5th Place — Jesse Gebhardt of Choteau; 6th Place — Huntly Harp of Huntley Project (Worden).

132 — 1st Place — Riley Davis of Baker; 2nd Place — Payne Reilly of Forsyth; 3rd Place — Jake Ellison of Columbus / Absarokee; 4th Place — Micah Acker of Superior; 5th Place — Jon Post of Florence-Carlton; 6th Place — Sloan Giles of Fairfield/Augusta.

138 — 1st Place — Kohner Schipman of Malta / Whitewater; 2nd Place — Navarjo Escarcega of Poplar; 3rd Place — Nolan Evenson of Red Lodge HS; 4th Place — Stran Lytton of Red Lodge HS; 5th Place — Drew Carey of Plains / Hot Springs; 6th Place — Trooper Stiles of Malta / Whitewater.

145 — 1st Place — Kanon Branch of Cut Bank; 2nd Place — Tyler Niles of Shepherd; 3rd Place — Derek Lachenmeier of Huntley Project (Worden); 4th Place — Layne Carter of Fairfield/Augusta; 5th Place — Jesse Reed of Wolf Point; 6th Place — Bryce Becker of Circle.

152 — 1st Place — Khye Gamas of Glasgow; 2nd Place — Grady Schmidt of Huntley Project (Worden); 3rd Place — Lucas Kovalsky of Superior; 4th Place — John Waterbury of Plains / Hot Springs; 5th Place — Riggin Schaffer of Powder River Co. (Broadus); 6th Place — Nathan Gunderson of Choteau.

160 — 1st Place — Hayden Ramaeker of Huntley Project (Worden); 2nd Place — Alex Wahl of Cut Bank; 3rd Place — William Kirkland of Glasgow; 4th Place — Walter Schoen of Chinook; 5th Place — Turner Milender of Superior; 6th Place — William Mishler of Simms.

170 — 1st Place — Chris Graham of Conrad; 2nd Place — Caden Pecora of Lincoln County (Eureka); 3rd Place — Percy Bechtold of Choteau; 4th Place — Michael King of Glasgow; 5th Place — Tucker Kaczmarek of Huntley Project (Worden); 6th Place — Jett Murray of Florence-Carlton.

182 — 1st Place — McCoy Banner of Fairfield/Augusta; 2nd Place — Max Hannum of Thompson Falls / Noxon; 3rd Place — Tegan Jones of Conrad; 4th Place — Colton Mears of Malta / Whitewater; 5th Place — Sam Mycke of Red Lodge HS; 6th Place — Jesse Brawley of Baker.

205 — 1st Place — Brady Armstrong of Jefferson (Boulder); 2nd Place — Wes Banks of Lincoln County (Eureka); 3rd Place — Reuben Kinzer of Powder River Co. (Broadus); 4th Place — Damian Ort of Fort Benton; 5th Place — Micheal Bell of Wolf Point; 6th Place — Christoper Brawley of Baker.

285 — 1st Place — Aidan Miller of Anaconda; 2nd Place — Spencer Higareda of Huntley Project (Worden); 3rd Place — Arie McLaughlin of Florence-Carlton; 4th Place — Jaxson Green of Superior; 5th Place — Riley Hume of Lincoln County (Eureka); 6th Place — Ethan Short of Columbus / Absarokee.


100 — 1st Place — River Cote of Ronan (Girls); 2nd Place — Dani Larson of Manhattan (Girls); 3rd Place — Seri Catt of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 4th Place — Jaelynn Nace of Columbia Falls (Girls); 5th Place — Victoria Tenney of Billings Skyview (Girls); 6th Place — Gracie Murray of Huntley Project (Worden) (Girls).

107 — 1st Place — Hayley Petersen of Simms (Girls); 2nd Place — Angelina Escarcega of Poplar (Girls); 3rd Place — Brooke Yeadon of Glacier (Kalispell) (Girls); 4th Place — Grace Buck of Chinook (Girls); 5th Place — Sophi Catt of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 6th Place — Hannah Leonard of Billings Skyview (Girls).

114 — 1st Place — Kaura Coles of Glacier (Kalispell) (Girls); 2nd Place — Madalyn Deiter of Great Falls Cmr (Girls); 3rd Place — Kaylin Taylor of Great Falls / Msdb (Girls); 4th Place — Rossi Gookin of Lockwood (Girls); 5th Place — Robin Leidholt of Custer Co. (Miles City) (Girls); 6th Place — Alex Johnston of Billings Senior High School (Girls).

120 — 1st Place — Bella Downing of Flathead (Kalispell) (Girls); 2nd Place — Taylor Lay of Helena Capital (Girls); 3rd Place — Stella Wahl of Cut Bank (Girls); 4th Place — Ava Krings of Conrad (Girls); 5th Place — Bella Dillon of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 6th Place — Grayle Fox of Custer Co. (Miles City) (Girls).

126 — 1st Place — Meadow Mahlmeister of Lockwood (Girls); 2nd Place — Katie Dolence of Ronan (Girls); 3rd Place — Emma Klingaman of Chinook (Girls); 4th Place — Sophie Grunhuvd of Butte (Girls); 5th Place — Lucia Schlapfer of Missoula Big Sky / Loyola Sacred Heart (Girls); 6th Place — Ashlynn Kistenmacher of Shepherd (Girls).

132 — 1st Place — Lili Schubarth of Simms (Girls); 2nd Place — Makenzee Neal of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 3rd Place — Nevaeh Grunhuvd of Butte (Girls); 4th Place — Faye Holland of Beaverhead Co. (Dillon) / Twin Bridges / Sheridan (Girls); 5th Place — Kaitlyn Johnson of Harlem (Girls); 6th Place — Rebel Montanez of Frenchtown (Girls).

138 — 1st Place — Paige Gershmel of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 2nd Place — Kaitlyn Thorn of Bozeman (Girls); 3rd Place — Brynn Courville of Ronan (Girls); 4th Place — Yasmine Tatsey-McKay of Browning (Girls); 5th Place — Emily Zachary of Columbus (Girls); 6th Place — Clara Schuele of Helena (Girls).

145 — 1st Place — Gretchen Donally of Huntley Project (Worden) (Girls); 2nd Place — Riley Clampitt of Glasgow (Girls); 3rd Place — McKenna Jones of Conrad (Girls); 4th Place — Joli Beston of Wolf Point (Girls); 5th Place — Harli Kinney of Polson (Girls); 6th Place — Paisley Jaeger of Billings Senior High School (Girls).

152 — 1st Place — Hailey Sutton of Florence-Carlton (Girls); 2nd Place — Trinity Barrus of Custer/Hysham (Girls); 3rd Place — Leona Dodson Howe of Ronan (Girls); 4th Place — Macey Tate of Baker (Girls); 5th Place — Haven Ferguson of Billings Skyview (Girls); 6th Place — Mattie Stepan of Butte (Girls).

165 — 1st Place — KyLee Lindsley of Belgrade (Girls); 2nd Place — Jayda Harbaugh of Baker (Girls); 3rd Place — Torie Jamieson of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 4th Place — Lexi Lunceford of Powell Co. (Deer Lodge) (Girls); 5th Place — Abby Zickefoose of Choteau (Girls); 6th Place — Abighail Sorrell of Polson (Girls).

185 — 1st Place — Kendal Tucker of Billings Senior High School (Girls); 2nd Place — Madilyn Juelke of Custer Co. (Miles City) (Girls); 3rd Place — Katie Slade of Great Falls / Msdb (Girls); 4th Place — Ariana Ellison of Custer Co. (Miles City) (Girls); 5th Place — Bella Rangel of Belgrade (Girls); 6th Place — Angelina Siebanaller of Havre (Girls).

235 — 1st Place — Tirza TwoTeeth of Ronan (Girls); 2nd Place — Haylee Fetters of Cut Bank (Girls); 3rd Place — Aliyah Stiffarm of Havre (Girls); 4th Place — Evy Mackey of Billings West (Girls); 5th Place — Maisie Barrus of Custer/Hysham (Girls); 6th Place — Lucille Libby of Flathead (Kalispell) (Girls).


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