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Celebrating History: Bank reorganization underway

By Emily Mayer

Work continued to reorganize the Security State bank in Havre, and on April 24, 1924, The Havre Daily Promoter printed encouraging news on the subject:


The meeting of the depositors of the Security State Bank of Havre, called to have the contract for reorganizing the bank explained, will be held tonight at the court room of the district court in the court house.

Originally the meeting was called for the high school but the giving of a play there tonight caused the meeting place to be changed to the court house.

The first signatures to the agreement prepared by the executive committee of the Organization of Depositors and Creditors of the Security State Bank of Havre were received yesterday and comment generally was in favor of rushing the work of security signatures that there may be no delay in reopening the institution.

All depositors and creditors are encouraged to attend the meeting tonight.

More good news was in the Promoter this week 100 years ago. An announcement in the April 26, 1924, edition carried this fantastic news:


State Organization of Elks Accepts Offer of Havre as Meeting Place; Three Day’s Celebration

J. M. Minor of Anaconda, secretary of the state organization of B. P. O. E., yesterday telegraphed the acceptance of the Montana Elks to the invitation extended to hold the 1924 state convention in Havre, July 3, 4 and 5.

Joseph Murphy, exalted ruler of the local lodge, received the telegram and immediately conferred with Art Williams, general chairman of the celebration committee, and announcement was made of a list of committees to look after arranging the big Fort of July celebration and the Elks’ convention.

It is expected that hundreds of Elks will come to Havre for the convention and that great crowds will come for the celebration from Northern Montana, and from in Canada. Plans call for one of the best programs possible to prepare.

The Elks, the Development association, the Welfare club, the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs have appointed committees to look after the arrangements.

The following are the committees appointed yesterday:

Elks’ committee-Art Williams, chairman; Earl Bronson, Leon Choquette, Jos. Murphy, Jas. Holland, jr., Dr. J. L. Somers, O. G. Skylstead.

Reception committee-Jos. Murphy, chairman; W. C. McKelvy, Geo. Bourne, T. J. Troy, E. C. Carruth, Jas. Holland, sr., Tom Russell, W. B. Pyper, Max Kuhr, Lou Lucke, Frank Brown, V. R Griggs, Frank Jestrab, Frank Merrill, Frank McCarthy.

Entertainment committee-Leon Chouette, chairman; Bob Lucke, Bob Patterson, E. C. Stevens, Earl Bronson, C. T. Hunter, Sid Irwin, W. E. Wiltner, N. E. Gourley, Chas. Grau, Frank Merrill, Bert Edminster, Sid Hirshberg.

Advertising committee-Jas. G. Holland, sr., chairman; Earl Bronson, Sid Hirshberg, C. B. Koepke, C. R. Reierson, C. T. Hunger, Gull Holman, Frank McCarthy.

Publicity committee-R. G. Linebarger, Frank Martin.

Concessions-Earl J. Bronson, chairman; Jos. Murphy, C. T. Hunter. W. C. McKelvy, J. L. Somers, Jas. Emslie, Sid Irwin.

Information, transportation, accommodation, hotels, eats-Tom Russell, E. C. Carruth, R. A. McBryne, W. B. Pyper.

Finance-O. G. Skylstead, chairman; F. A. Buttrey, W. B. Pyper, Frank Browne.

Membership and dues-P. C. Barrett, chairman; H. C. Ohland, J. L. Somers, F. A. Carnal, W. B. Pyper, Sid Irwin.

Building and construction-F. F. Bossout, chairman; Jas. Sherry, Lou Eskestrand, Chris Fuglevand, Ed. Sundberg, Wm. Maurer.

Speaking of E. C. Carruth, owner of the Havre Hotel, he wasn’t having a particularly good week, so maybe the news that the Elks convention was coming to Havre might have eased this news, found in the April 20, 1924, edition. File this under the “that guy” column:

Carruth’s Ford Sedan Stolen From Garage

Sometime between midnight Friday and yesterday noon the Ford sedan owned by E. C. Carruth was stolen from his garage in the rear of the hotel.

The license number is 2340 and engine number, 3786126. The car is in good condition but the radiator cap is bent forward slightly and the radiator has a slight leak.

The car is equipped with manifold heater attachment, window stops, extra tire and cover for seats.


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