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DAVEY SCHOOL DISTRICT # 12 Regular/Organizational School Board Meetings Agenda

Davey School District #12 will hold its reorganizational and regular board meetings Monday, May 13, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.

The meeting agenda is:

I. Call to Order

II. Recognition of visitors

Public Comment

III. Minutes

IV. Accounts Payables

A. Warrants- May 2024 Claims #61011553 thru #610115__; Direct Deposits, Payroll & EFTs

V. Financial statements

VI. Old Business Discussion/Action

A. Lead Teacher: Job Description w/original contract

B. Maintenance: Rerouting Water Away from Storage Sheds & School Yard

C. 3141 Non-Resident Enrollment a.k.a. Open Tuition Bill

1) Policy

2) 2024-2025 Out-of-District Agreements

D. Extra Duty Contract - Lead Teacher

E. MTSBA Policy Notes – March 19, 2024 Policies – Second Reading

VII. New Business

A. Election

1. Canvass Election Results

2. Authorize Clerk to Publish Election Results

3. Recess

VIII. Organizational Meeting

A. Reorganization of Board (Clerk presides)

1. Swearing in of Trustee: Appointed by County Superintendent

2. Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

3. Appoint Clerk (Elected Chairperson presides)

IX. Continued New Business Discussion/Action

A. Superintendent Report

B. Teacher Items

C. Other Items

D. Custodian Resignation

E. 2024-2025 Classified Contracts

F. 2024-2025 Handbooks 1) Staff; 2) Student & Parent; 3) Bus Driver

G. Job Descriptions

H. 2nd Semester TR-5 FYI

X. Next meeting

XI. Adjourn

Items listed above do not necessarily indicate the order in which they will be addressed.


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