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Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Did you hear them?

You know, Lord, it's not often that in this part of town meadowlarks are seen/heard, but the other day while outdoors, whoa! What was that? A small bird flew to the tip-top of a nearby tree and started singing, praising the Lord. Sharing that later with friends, B.J. mentioned that when she was young, while playing in the yard at their country home, she heard one, ran into the house to tell mamma. Her mom asked, "Well, what did the birdie say?" B.J. quickly answered, "It was a Meadowlark and it said: 'Tidy up quickly, Neighbors are coming,' and sure enough, a few minutes later, here they came! Mrs. and mom were good friends, Mr. and dad enjoyed time together. This wasn't the only time the meadowlark spoke, they'd do that several times a week or month — and no fooling, usually those neighbors did show up!"

Then, C.S., chuckling, said; "That's not what the meadowlark says in my end of town. It's in a nearby tree, our window is open on that side of the house and the bird sings, 'Oh, what a beautiful morning;' sings that several times, then flies off, and we get up!"

B. J. mentioned that those little birds fill the prairie land near where they live, with their singing, serenading choruses, in adoration to their Maker.

Where "we" kids grew up, we might be hanging clothes on the clothesline that mom had just washed, gathering eggs from the hen house, milking cows in the barn, maybe even weeding in the garden - and we, too, heard the meadowlarks singing, praising their Maker, encouraging us kids to do the same. Mom reminded us of Job 12:7-9, which tells us how God made animals to teach us "...birds of the sky, and they will tell you … they inform us the hand of the Lord has done all this … " meaning He is our Creator. Praise His Name!

Love, Mara


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