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Northern launches online elementary education Program for fall 2024

Press release

In response to the growing need for accessible and flexible teacher education, Montana State University-Northern announced the launch of its fully online Elementary Education program, beginning in Fall 2024.

Recognizing the challenges faced by educators in obtaining certification while actively teaching, Northern is committed to providing a solution that empowers teachers to further their education without disrupting their current roles, press release said. The new online program offers teachers the opportunity to pursue their degrees and certification remotely, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

“At MSU-Northern, we understand the importance of supporting educators in their professional journey,” said Beth Durodoye, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education at MSU-Northern. “Our online Elementary Education program is designed with the diverse needs of teachers in mind, offering them the flexibility to balance their personal and professional commitments while advancing their careers.”

Key features of the online program include:

1. EdExcellence Forums. Faculty will bring the classroom to students three times each semester as they travel to various locations. The forums are designed to supplement class teachings with additional educational content. Students are welcome to join in person or virtually. 

  2. The Teachers’ Lounge. This staffed curriculum lab and community learning space on the MSU-Northern Campus is a place where aspiring teachers can interact with faculty, seek assistance with homework, connect with peers, and participate in professional development activities. The lounge can be accessed in person or virtually.

  3. Proficiency-Based Education (PBE) System. This approach to the clinical portion of the program ensures that aspiring teachers gain practical, hands-on experience in real classroom settings, where their progress is assessed based on demonstrated skills and competencies rather than traditional metrics.

  Additionally, the apprenticeship pathway allows individuals to continue teaching full-time during their student teaching experience.

“We believe that education should be accessible to all and tailored to individual needs,” Durodoye added. “Our online program is a testament to our commitment to providing multiple pathways and experiences for aspiring educators.”

To learn more about the MSU-Northern Elementary Education program and to register for virtual information sessions scheduled throughout the summer, interested people can contact Education Advisor Jennifer Anderson at [email protected] or 406-265-3757.

Northern also invited school administrators and teaching staff to explore the opportunity to enhance professional development and further educational goals.


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