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 By Pam Burke    Opinion 

View from the North 40: Pardon me, turkey

The president officially pardoned the turkey again this year, but really, a is that all about? Isn’t it weird to project a sense of humanity onto the animal we traditionally eat t... — Updated 11/26/2021

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Dog gone it

Back in July, I took a big step in my single life. I adopted Lola, a sweet dog, raised by friends who had rescued her mother, abandoned, heavy with pups, from homeless life on the... — Updated 11/24/2021

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: What Thanksgiving looks like

My mother sent a photo of a huge female turkey sitting on her bird feeder. The giant, ungainly creature looked ridiculous, perched on the little wooden roof of a feeder intended... — Updated 11/24/2021


Letter to the Editor - Thanks to Tester on Milk River Project

Editor, For many years, my family has had farm land under the Glasgow Irrigation District. That is part of the larger Milk River Irrigation System that brings water all across the Hi-Line, over 700 miles from the Mountains to the... — Updated 11/23/2021

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Not all Signs from the Universe are created equally

I don’t acknowledge signs, those supposed metaphysical, philosophical and esoteric Signs from the Universe that require interpretation to guide me through life’s journey. Those... — Updated 11/19/2021


Congress should not stop with infrastructure bill

For several decades the Milk River Project has been chronically underfunded and in need of essential repairs. Politicians of every stripe have failed to deliver the dollars needed to forge a long-term solution. Until now. Help has... — Updated 11/19/2021

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Katie, bar the door!

Nobody could have been more surprised than myself at my reaction when, seemingly overnight, 10 snowbird residents from northern climes descended upon us, wings flapping, eager for... — Updated 11/18/2021

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Angel's front door

I used to have a friend who lived in Paris. Paris is expensive. Angel bought the largest apartment she could afford, and it was tiny. But, because it was in Paris, she had a lot of... — Updated 11/17/2021

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Following the trail from A to TP

For as long as I can remember, my brain has been wired to notice those moments in life when two things that are entirely not connected to one another occur at the same time, like... — Updated 11/12/2021

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: An interactive shopping spree

Growing up in tiny Harlem, Montana, local shopping — and there was no other kind — consisted of small individual stores for every need. A monthly trip to town and women could st... — Updated 11/11/2021

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Holiday rumors

I have been studying up on frightening holiday rumors and found some surprises. There is apparently no evidence that any child has ever been poisoned by a Halloween treat. This is a... — Updated 11/10/2021

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Humans: Getting by with the tools at hand

Sometimes it feels good to know that in a variety of odd little ways people are doing the best they can with whatever resources they have available. A bus tour business in Hong... — Updated 11/5/2021

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Every day the clock resets

Changes happen whether we want them or not, don’t they? It’s just the way it is. This week we in Mexico fell back, time, the clock. Since I’m not tied to a schedule, my body... — Updated 11/4/2021


So, you think you have been recycling? Think again!

November 15th is America Recycles Day; let’s do it properly, America! You think you recycle? Maybe not. Let’s look at a number one reason your recyclables aren’t being recycled. Contamination. Your recyclables must be rinsed... — Updated 11/4/2021

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Old friends

I spent yesterday with old friends. It used to be that I would follow the use of “old friends” with the disclaimer that they were “not really old!” This no longer feels... — Updated 11/3/2021


Montana resident sportsmen and women, wake up

I am a 68-year-old retired farmer, fourth generation Montanan and a lifelong avid hunter, angler and conservationist with a degree in wildlife biology and research experience on large predators. I started farming in 1977. Now I... — Updated 11/3/2021


Proposed tax code changes and their effect on Montana's ranching families

It is no secret that family farms and ranches face tremendous challenges right now. Corporate monopolies, a changing climate, rising health care costs and a lack of capital are just a few of the obstacles that today’s farmers... — Updated 11/3/2021


Visiting sites with the governor

The governor’s office called last week and asked if I was interested in visiting a couple of locations in my Senate district. It is hard to tell the governor of Montana “no.” Plus, it seemed like a great opportunity to show o... — Updated 11/1/2021

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: The judge said hippo-what-amus?

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm round of applause as we officially welcome into the human species, and perhaps an election near you, the 80-some hippopotamuses... — Updated 10/29/2021


Did you wake this morning still breathing?

Years ago, when I was in the hospital in India getting a new knee, I walked the corridors as part of my therapy. At the end of the hallway I stood at the window and watched the construction activity across an empty lot. A new... — Updated 10/28/2021


Letter to the Editor - Daines should stop holding BSCA hostage

Editor, Sen. Steve Daines is holding the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act — BSCA — hostage. The BCSA, a bill introduced by Sen. Jon Tester, intends to strengthen public land protection while ensuring public access to... — Updated 10/27/2021


The Postscript: Box of cures

When I was 8 or 9, I played a game that I invented with my friends. On index cards, alphabetized in a recipe box, were written descriptions of fictional ailments, each with a ridiculous name and an equally ridiculous cure. In... — Updated 10/27/2021


What might have been

My one brief experience with presidential politics occurred in 1995. My candidate was Colin Powell. The great historian Stephen Ambrose had emerged as a leader in the movement to win the 1996 Republican presidential nomination for... — Updated 10/26/2021


From the Fringe: Steve Helmbrecht will be missed

Havre lost a great man yesterday, and I would like to personally take this opportunity to recognize what an amazing person Steve Helmbrecht was. First and foremost, if you went to school in Havre, or on the Hi-Line, played a... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: It was no blue bird of happiness, but it was cool

When a person benefits in some way from the tragic misfortune of another, I think it behooves that person to honor the sacrifice with a moment or two of reflection on life lesson... — Updated 10/22/2021


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