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 By Pam Burke    Opinion 

View from the North 40: This should be National Word Appreciation week

In honor of 14-year-old Dev Shah of Florida, who won the 2023 Scripps National Spelling Bee Thursday, this week’s column is about official words. Scripps uses the Merriam-Webster... — Updated 6/2/2023


Common Sense Investments for Havre and the Hi-Line

The dust seems to be settling on the 68th session of the Montana Legislature, and I want to thank the residents of House District 28 for allowing me the privilege of serving Havre and northern Montana in the House of... — Updated 6/2/2023

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion 

Looking out my Backdoor: Looking through a flawed lens

An acquaintance stopped by the other day for a visit. Most people would have said, a friend. Another man, a close friend from years ago, whom I miss terribly but can visit only in... — Updated 6/2/2023

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Too old

My new friend, Betty Lou, started a book club, and she asked me to join. I was delighted. I hadn’t been in a book club for a long time. Because she is a librarian, Betty Lou knows... — Updated 5/30/2023

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: It's the news you most likely can't use

In April, the Belgian coastal town of De Panne crowned the top seagull screecher in the closing ceremony of its European seagull immitation championship. Reuters reported in an... — Updated 5/26/2023


Guest Opinion: Taking on China to defend our Montana way of life

With the weather finally warming up here for spring time, I’ve been spending a lot of time out on my tractor finishing up planting.  Every year, I plant my fields with crops like wheat, barley, peas and millet. The days are... — Updated 5/26/2023

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Translations

Dear Kathy and Richard, Thank you for sending the amazing photos that you take on your walking tours throughout the mountains of France. They are truly beautiful glimpses into the... — Updated 5/26/2023

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Too old

My new friend, Betty Lou, started a book club, and she asked me to join. I was delighted. I hadn’t been in a book club for a long time. Because she is a librarian, Betty Lou knows... — Updated 5/23/2023

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: I recommend you don't goat there

Though this is not the year of the goat, one goat’s demands for attention were recently met with an official response that two officers may learn to regret. An Enid, Oklahoma... — Updated 5/19/2023


Governor hurt mobile home residents with veto

If you are an elderly Montana veteran on Social Security in a mobile home park, Gov. Greg Gianforte does not have your back! Montana’s manufactured homeowners had just two minutes to defend their homes in hearings on HB 889... — Updated 5/19/2023

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Sometimes a shadow

Up at 6:30 and out the door to walk Lola. The sun is almost up, the sky spread cool with night clouds. These days, when Lola and I go walk-about, I have an entourage. A few months... — Updated 5/19/2023

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Happy place

I have a sticker that says “My Happy Place,” and I kept it for a while, wondering where to put it. In the end, I stuck it near my desk so I could see it while I write. I am... — Updated 5/16/2023


Tax cheats and the debt dilemma

Americans have always commonly agreed that taxes are the price of a civilized society. Only relatively recently has the idea that “taxation is theft” been seriously suggested in the public discourse. People who claim not to... — Updated 5/16/2023

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: It is easy being green, right now

I love living where we have four seasons, even if only two of the four are really likable — and with all due respect to fall, spring is my favorite time of year. If I continue... — Updated 5/12/2023

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: 'Be Here Now' (Travel later)

Thank you, Ram Dass. I confess, I’ve not read his book of above title. But I understand the concept, some. I do be, and I be where I am planted, and I be where I am right at this... — Updated 5/12/2023

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Taking pictures

I like taking photos when I’m out of the country. Photographing things in Mexico is effortless. I’ll never understand the nuances of every festival or ritual, but I can enjoy... — Updated 5/9/2023


Final days of 68th Legislative Session

It is hard to describe our last two days of the 68th Legislative session before we closed session last Tuesday. It was a whirlwind with many bills going to conference committees with last-minute alterations. In the end, HB 2 and a... — Updated 5/9/2023


Protecting Montana's next generation

The 68th Session of the Montana Legislature is one that every Montanan can be proud of. Voters sent a Republican supermajority to Helena and the first thing we did was return overpaid tax dollars to you as well as providing the... — Updated 5/9/2023

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: When tragedy stalks the house

As truisms go, it’s not very catchy, and it’s pretty unsavory, but after last week, I can vouch for its truthfulness: The night isn’t really dark until your horse starts... — Updated 5/5/2023


GOP power grab will be a disaster

I served 26 years in the Montana House of Representatives, initially as a Republican, then as a Democrat, including two terms as majority leader and one term as speaker before I was “termed out” in 2000. My father, the Rev. Geo... — Updated 5/5/2023

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor:

Our gardener, Leo, was gone for a week, off to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends. "No worries, Leo. I can water my own plants. I'll do a section every day. Go... — Updated 5/5/2023

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Bunny food

The TSA agent looked stern — as they usually do. “I’d like to look inside this bag, ma’am,” he said. “No problem!” I always sound a little too eager when being... — Updated 5/2/2023


Spotlight on Montana constitutional climate trial

June 12, Montana will be in the national spotlight as the first ever constitutional climate trial — Held v. the State of Montana — takes place in Helena. National attention to our state is increasing, as 16 youth, representing... — Updated 5/2/2023


Let her speak

When Americans think of Montana, they picture snow-capped peaks, rolling prairies, and rainbow trout darting through the crystal-clear rivers that run through it. Or they simply think of America’s first national park,... — Updated 5/2/2023

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Pasture fencing as a mixed metaphor

At the point my friend, Kerri, asked me last weekend what I was doing, I was at the tipping point into the realm of too tired to make words happen, so I let my cellphone camera do... — Updated 4/28/2023


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