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Oil Pattern Challenge coming to Hi-Line Lanes


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Excuses for poor bowling "I don't have the proper ball." "I have so many balls, I don't know which one to use." Jackpot bowling will be held this Saturday night at 8 p.m. The fun night is held every second and fourth Saturdays of the month. The first and third Saturday nights from 7-11 you can enjoy open bowling for $10 per person plus the cost of shoes. Saturday Nov. 21 at 2 p.m., Ken will be holding his "Oil Pattern Challenge". Six different patterns will be laid out for 48 bowlers to conquer. The cost is $50 and you can sign up at the desk or call 265-5885 for entry. Looking for something to do Friday afternoons? Senior citizen bowling is being held at 1 p.m. The best part is you do not have to be 65. In the bowling world, you are considered a seniior at age 50. No matter your age, go out and join in the fun. Xavier Miller bumped his way to an 88 with two spares on the PeeWee League. Colton Riggen had a strike, a spare, and an 84, Damion Breen an 80 with a strike; Alex Ost a 78; and Kamryn West a 78 with a spare. Maddison Shennum and Quinn Mc- Donald had the highs for the Bantam girls with a 73, 89, 162 and a 59, 25, 84, respectively. Casey Mariani shot an 80, 81 161 and Caleb Allestad a 76, 70, 146 for the boys highs. Prep highs were: Jacey McDonald 82, 88, 127, 297; Jaycelyyn Hassa 106, 104, 103, 313; Aaron Erickson 120, 118, 92, 330; Dane Rowlett 105, 109, 112, 326; and Daniel Johnson had a 112. Junior/Majors highs were a 123, 111, 84, 318 by Aja Drew and Aitania Moore's 121, 96, 87, 307. The boys highs of 154, 101, 99, 354 and 118, 92, 143, 353 were by Jaden Griggs and Ramsey Drew, respectively. Happy birthday Shawn Mariani. Petie Durward celebrates Thursday, Lyndsey Temple Friday and Jen McLean Saturday. Cindy Turner picked the 5-6; Betty Hofeldt 5-10; Norma Mariani 5-7; Shelbee Friede 6-7-9; Lorin Teske 4-7-9; Ann McKnight 2-10; and Michale Beck a 5-7 and 5-6. Great "Shootin" to Colleen Roll for her 196 game, 90 pins over her average. Terry Wright had the high game of 201 with her 530. The high series of 531 belonged to Christy Holden. Jackie Mayer had a 524 and Corinne DeVries a 498. Mike Hamilton's 253 was high game and a 666 by Mike Sherrill was the series. Kelly Olson scored a 627, 249; Lorin Teske 635, 629; Don Jones 654, 244; Ken Riska 602; Kyle Surber 620; Roman Surber 633; Nick Turner 246, 638, 251; and Mike Purkett 245. The high four game series of 898 was by Don Jones. Kelly Olson had an 876; Mike Sherrill 844; Lorin Teske 836; and Ken Riska 812. Isn't it nice to see Don Jones in the news nearly every week? Don has been around for a couple of days but always seems to manage a good score each week. He is also one bowler that I have never heard complain about the lane conditions that much. Keep up the good scoring Don and don't make a liar out of me!


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