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By Tristan 

Some thoughts on the political situation


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Reading about the antics in Washington of the Republicans brings to mind of about 30 years back a woman active in farmers' problems told me that it was like dogs and cats between the aisle separating the two parties. It still is a problem now. The Republicans are on a jihad now, like a terrorist. They have the same mindset. The Ten Commandments are disregarded, but they are the basics of all laws. The ones who worship the golden calf are a problem. Montana has a Democratic governor and a Republican lieutenant governor. How can you explain that? A former Montana governor made himself quite prominent during the Florida recount. The country got sick under Republican leadership and the recovery is impossible overnight. There is an old saying: There is a providence that watches over fools and jackasses. I've seen it in my day. I am over 90 years old. John Ihnot Havre


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