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Blue Pony grapplers take fourth in the Mining City


The Mining City Duals is one of the biggest tests the Havre High wrestling program will face all season long, and even with a lot of new and young faces making up the Blue Pony roster this season, they continued their tradition of excellence in Butte.

Friday and Saturday the Central A Ponies attended the 23rd annual Mining City Duals in Butte. And turning in another solid performance, the Ponies walked away as the No. 4 team. Last year the Ponies finished as the No. 2 team, and the year before as the No. 1 team.

Over the two-day span HHS saw some of the state's top talent from both Class AA and Class A squads. And with Polson coming out of the Northwestern A and Corvallis representing the Southwestern A, the Ponies got a sneak peak at the west early on.

"It was a great weekend for us," Havre High head coach Scott Filius said. "We are really pleased with the kids. All the older kids did real well, and our younger kids competed hard. Every dual got tougher, and every time we wrestled our kids raised it a notch. That's the best part about the tournament, to watch the kids get better and better."

On Friday, the Ponies went 3-0 in pool competition, and on Saturday they went 2-2

On Friday HHS defeated Anaconda 84-0, Columbia Falls 58-19 and Class AA Billings West 47-31.

And on Saturday the Ponies defeated Polson 66-18 and Corvallis 52-33. Bozeman, which went on to win the tournament, handed the Ponies their first loss of the weekend, defeating HHS 46-30. And in the third-place dual, Kalispell Glacier defeated the Ponies 36-32 in another close matchup.

In the loss to Bozeman the Ponies were just out experienced.

Bozeman has nine seniors in their lineup while the Ponies have just two. Also not having a 98-pounder hurt the Ponies as they gave up points on a forfeit.

"You could kind of see in some of the weights where we are missing some experience," Filius said. "That's actually what we are gaining down there, but by in large I thought we wrestled very well against Bozeman too."

In the loss to Bozeman Gilbert Bara (112) earned a win by forfeit, while Duell Stadel (119) earned a major decision, Dillon Seely (135) earned a pin, Eli Hinebauch (152) earned a major decision, Kameron Pribyl (160) earned a pin and Casey Schaub (171) also earned a major decision.

But the Ponies also saw some good things in the loss to Glacier in the third-place match.

"It was the same in the Glacier dual, the kids competed hard," Filius said. "They weren't concerned about the score, and that was the goal for the weekend, just compete to your ability and that's what was happening."

Facing Glacier, Bara (112) won by decision in overtime. And Stadel (119) won by major decision, while Seely (35) earned a pin, Grant Pattison (145) earned a pin, Hinebauch (152) earned a major decision, Pribyl (160) earned a pin and Schaub (171) earned a decision.

But win or lose, every HHS wrestler wrested very well this weekend. Filius got good production from his younger and more experienced grapplers.

Freshmen Nate Kennelley (105), Thomas Gruber (125) and Tyler Adams (215) and sophomore Pattison (145) all did very well in their first real big tournament. They didn't win every match, but they did compete.

On the weekend Kennelley won by forfeit against Anaconda, was pinned against Columbia Falls, pinned against West, pinned by Polson, earned a pin over Corvallis' Brandon Fogel (:25), lost by major decision against Bozeman and was pinned in the Glacier dual.

Gruber pinned Anaconda's Ted Weinman (1:56), was pinned against Columbia Falls, earned a decision against West, pinned Polson's Drew Fouty (1:59), Pinned Corvallis' Chace Malone (1:25), was pinned against Bozeman and was pinned against Glacier. Adams pinned Anaconda's Cory Smith (1:21), earned a decision against Columbia Falls, lost by decision to West, won by forfeit against Polson, pinned Corvallis' Austin Atkins (2:58), lost by decision against Bozeman and Glacier.

And Pattison pinned Anaconda's Ethan Reich (3:45), lost by decision against Columbia Falls, pinned West's Zach Harris (1:35), pinned Polson's Colton Lenz (:41), was pinned against Corvallis, pinned against Bozeman, and pinned Glacier's Grant Tafoya (4:45).

"All of those kids did very, very well," Filius said. "They haven't been a real integral part of the program in the past seasons, but they really stepped in and made their presence felt."

Veterans Stadel, Hinebauch, Schaub and Pribyl also wrestled very well this weekend, all going 7-0 in their individual matches.

Stadel pinned Anaconda's Thomas Allison (1:38), earned a major decision against Columbia Falls, pinned West's Daniel Temme (1:23), pinned Polson's Craig Feistner (4:56), and earned a major decision against Corvallis and Bozeman and Glacier. Hinebauch pinned Anaconda's Jerod Ameson (1:15), Columbia Falls' JasonWilliams (:25), West's Mercer Picken (:22), Polson's Mike Devlin (2:37), Corvallis' Quincy Jessop (1:28), earned a major decision against Bozeman and Glacier. Schaub won by forfeit against Anaconda, pinned Columbia Falls' Marcus Isle (1:23), earned a major decision against West, won by forfeit against Polson, pinned Corvallis' Jacade Owings (:56), earned a major decision against Bozeman and a decision against Glacier. And Pribyl earned a pin in all seven matches, earing pins over Anaconda's Kaedon Cook (1:40), Columbia Falls' Mark Hader (1:36), West's Konner Murray (:54), Polson's Nick Grogan (1:34), Corvallis' Kyle Thomas (3:37), Bozeman's Hunter Chadler (5:31) and Glacier's Matt Lavicoli (3:27).

"The big thing with those guys," Filius said. "They have had the learning experiences and you expect them to put those to work and pay off, and they did and that was nice."

Zack Smith (130), Seely (135), David Borris (140), Jared Ruttkofsky (189) and Kolton Lodge (285) also wrestled well. Smith went 4-3, while Seely went 6-1, Borris went 3-4, Ruttkofsky went 5-2 and Lodge went 1-6.

Overall it was a good weekend of competition for the Ponies. And finishing up only their second week of the season, the No.1 Ponies are on track to what looks to be another successful year in the Class A.

Next up is Montana's other premier regular season tournament, this weekend's CMR Holiday Classic which runs Friday and Saturday in Great Falls.

Mining City Duals


Third place dual

Glacier 36, Havre 32

98—Double forfeit. 105—Christian Knopp, Glacier, p. Nate Kennelly 1:31. 112—Gilbert Bara, Havre, d. Kaleb Mitchell 11-10 OT. 119—Duell Stadel, Havre, md. Alek Mitchell 9-1, 125—Zach Barber, Glacier, p. Thomas Gruber 1:03. 130—Lucas Mantel, Glacier, d. Zach Smith 11-7. 135—Dillon Seeley, Havre, p. Tanner Stupak :49. 140—Cooper Sipe, Glacier, p. David Borris 4:39. 145—Grant Pattison, Havre, p. Grant Tafoya 4:45. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, md. Shane St. Onge 14-1. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Matt Iavicoli 3:27. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, d. Lane Armstrong 3-0. 189—Boyce Ballard, Glacier, p. Jared Ruttkofsky 3:52. 215—Mack Sutherland, Glacier, d. Tyler Adams 5-0. 285—Joel Horn, Glacier, p. Kolton Lodge :32.

Havre 66, Polson 18

98—Double forfeit. 105—Carlos Quinones, Polson, p. Nate Kennelly 1:42. 112—Gilbert Bara, Havre, p. Dylan Moll 3:10. 119—Dual Stadel, Havre, p. Craig Feistner 4:56. 125—Thomas Gruber, Havre, p. Drew Fouty 1:59. 130—Jesse Alfiero, Polson, p. Zack Smith 2;10. 135—Dillon Seeley, Havre, won by forfeit. 140—David Borris, Havre, won by forfeit. 145—Grant Pattison, Havre, p. Colton Lenz :41. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, p. Mike Devlin 2:37. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Nick Grogan 1:34. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, won by forfeit. 189—Jared Ruttkofsky, Havre, p. Marlin Burke :16. 215—Tyler Adams, Havre, won by forfeit. 285—Josiah Clairmont, Polson, p. Kolten Lodge 1:08.

Havre, 52, Corvallis 33

98—Josh Venema, Corvallis, won by forfeit. 105—Nate Kennelly, Havre, p. Brandon Fogel :25. 112—Levi Gingerich, Corvallis, d. Gilbert Bara 6-3. 119—Dual Stadel, Havre, md. Tim Allsop 13-3. 125—Thomas Gruber, Havre, p. Chace Malone 1:25. 130—Zack Smith, Havre, won by forfeit. 135—Travis Davis, Corvallis, p. Dillon Seeley 1:58. 140—Devan Williams, Corvallis, p. David Borris 2:37. 145—Rilkey Nagle, Corvallis, p. Grant Pattison 5:01. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, p. Quincy Jessop 1:28. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Kyle Thomas 3:37. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, p. Jacade Owings :56. 189—Jared Ruttkofsky, Havre, p. James Weidow :33. 215—Tyler Adams, Havre, p. Austin Atkins 2:58. 285—Will Sanderson, Corvallis, p. Kolten Lodge 2:39.

Bozeman 46, Havre 30

98—Vito Degidio, Bozeman, won by forfeit. 105—Kyle Taylor, Bozeman, md. Nate Kennelly 8-0. 112—Gilbert Bara, Havre, won by forfeit. 119—Duell Stadel, Havre, md. Colin Rupert 11-2. 125—Culley Buckley, Bozeman, p. Thomas Gruber 3:52. 130—Marcus Kolp, Bozeman, d. Zack Smith 3-2. 135—Dillon Seeley, Havre, p. Riley Berry 4:20. 140—Adam Wollant, Bozeman, p. David Borris 3:58. 145—Cole Gebhardt, Bozeman, p. Grant Pattison 3:43. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, md. Natty Lambert 14-6. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Hunter Chadler 5:31. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, md. Crew Johnston 17-9. 189—Jim Boswell, Bozeman, d. Tyler Adams 13-11. 215—Levi Nagel, Bozeman, p. Jared Ruttkofsky 1:59. 285—Marc Evans, Bozeman, p. Colton Watch :40.


Havre 84, Anaconda 0

98—Double forfeit. 105—Nate Kennelly, Havre, won by forfeit. 112—Gilbert Bara, Havre, p. Jake McCarthy 1:52. 119—Dual Stadel, Havre, p. Thomas Allison 1:38. 125—Thomas Gruber, Havre, p. Ted Weinman 1:56. 130—Zack Smith, Havre, p. Matt Bowdish :57. 135—Dillon Seeley, Havre, p. Nick Beattie :51. 140—David Borris, Havre, p. Kalani Manners 1:44. 145—Grant Pattison, Havre, p. Ethan Reich 3:45. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, p. Jerod Arneson 1:15. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Kaedon Cook 1:40. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, won by forfeit. 189—Jerod Ruttofsky, Havre, p. Taylor Scholler 1:19. 215—Tyler Adams, Havre, p. Cory Smith 1:21. 285—Kolton Lodge, Havre, p. Ross Boggs 1:54.

Havre 58, Columbia Falls 19

98—Harland Jordan, CF, won by forfeit. 105—Nate Kennelly p. Kaleb Baumann :44. 112—Gilbert Bara, Havre, p. Seth McCall 2:45. 119—Duel Stadel, Havre, md. Sal Baccaro 16-7. 125—Justin Whitman, CF, md. Thomas Gruber 13-2. 130—Zack Smith, Havre, . Adam Richardson 5-0. 135—Dillon Seeley, Havre, p. Cody Hader 1:40. 140—David Borris, Havre, p. Dylan Corbett 3:56. 145—Kohl Thompson CF, d. Grant Pattison 8-5. 152—Eli Hinebauch, Havre, p. Jason Williams :25. 160—Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Mark Hder 1:36. 171—Casey Schaub, Havre, p. Marcus Isle 1:23. 189—Jared Ruttkofsky, Havre, p. Josh Folson 1:48. 215—Tyler Adams, Havre, d. Jake Babcock 8-2. 285—Cody Bartos, CF, p. Kolton Lodge 5:32.

Havre 47, Billings West 31

98 — Steve Ferestad, West, won by forfeit. 105 — Shylo Rambin, West, p. Nate Kennelly :37. 112 — Koby Reyes, West, md. Gilbert Bara 17-3. 119 — Dual Stadel, Havre, p. Daniel Temme 1:23. 125 — Thomas Gruber, Havre, d. Christian Duke 9-6. 130 — Zack Smith, Havre, md. Brady Davis 8-0. 135 — Dillon Seeley, Havre, p. Lane Penrod 3:32. 140 — Dan Gordon, West, p. David Borris :55. 145 — Grant Pattison, Havre, p. Zach Harris 1:35. 152 — Eli Hinebauch, Havre, p. Mercer Picken :22. 160 — Kameron Pribyl, Havre, p. Konner Murray :54. 171 — Casey Schaub, Havre, md. Daniel Kersten 15-2. 189 — Jared Ruttkofsky, Havre, p. Nick Jackson 1:31. 215 — Jake Leinwand, West, d. Tyler Adams 1-0. 285 — Gadge McCann, West, p. Kolton Lodge 3:13.


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