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Wild fire rages east of Havre

The wildfire about five miles east of Havre, fueled by high winds, was raging out of control Tuesday night.

Havre Daily News/Pam Burke

A firefighter is seen with Tuesday's fire five miles east of Havre as a backdrop.

The fire started on the north side of the Milk River late Tuesday morning. Winds swept it over the river, where it consumed several fields.

Just as firefighters thougth they were gaining ground, conditions worsened. The wind changed directions and strenghtened.

The fire jumped over the river again, and flames several feet in the area spready through the area, spreading as far east as the Hill-Blaine County line.

Firefighters from as far away as Hoagland were on hand to fight the blaze which was spread over several hunreds acres.

They were hampered in their efforts by winds that readhed more than 30 mph, according to The Weather Channel.


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