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Stop arguing, start working


October 16, 2013

The shutdown of our government over all of the U.S.A. is in its 15th day as I write this. As a result, many locations have been closed. The most damaging has been the lack of payment of $100,000 each family was supposed to receive after a loved one is killed in the war. Many, many federal parks, memorials, forests, canyons and other sites have been made "off limits" to the general public. This didn't have to take place.

Congress decided to, among other "off work days," take the whole month of August off and go home for a vacation instead of doing the work of the people as they are supposed to do representing the citizens.

Hundreds of common people are laid off until Congress and the president can agree on what to do about the mess in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, hundreds, maybe thousands, of citizens have to change their plans to camp or travel because of these closed places. Other businesses had to lay off workers because they depend on customers who cannot get there.

Republicans blame the Democrats and vice versa. Most independents blame both Congress and the president. Who knows when this will be done. ... Today?

Don Mahlum



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