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Local gridders named Northern C All-Conference, All-State

The awards are won for what was a great season of Northern C football, and players from Chinook, Fort Benton, Rocky Boy and Harlem were honored.

Chinook's Tyler Schoen and Flint Annis were named Class C All-State, as were Cade Ball and Landis Argenbright from Fort Benton.

As for All-Conference honors, Schoen, Annis, Daniel MacLeod, Quintin Edwards, Levi Jensen, Braxton Inman and Lane Hasler were the Sugarbeeters that were honored.

All-Conference performers for the Longhorns included, Ball, Arganbright, Damian Ort and Nathan Dunham.

Rocky Boy's Kellen Colliflower and Harlem's Charlie Calvert also earned All-Conference honors.

Northern C 8-Man

All-State selections: Memphis Black, sr., Belt; Ethan Triplett, jr., Belt; Isaac Maki, sr., Belt; Garrett Metrione, sr., Belt; Bridger Vogl, sr., Belt; Tyler Schoen, sr., Chinook; Flint Annis, sr., Chinook; Cade Ball, jr., Fort Benton; Landis Arganbright, sr., Fort Benton; Trenton Emerson, sr., Shelby; Zach Feldman, sr., Belt; Keaghn McDaniel, sr., Belt.

All-Conference selections


First team

Center: Memphis Black, sr., Belt

Guard: Isaac Maki, sr., Belt; Daniel MacLeod, sr., Chinook

Wide receiver: Ethan Triplett, jr., Belt; Landis Arganbright, sr., Fort Benton

Tight end: Zach Feldman, sr., Belt

Quarterback: Bridger Vogl, sr., Belt

Fullback: Garrett Metrione, sr., Belt

Running back: Tyler Schoen, sr., Chinook

Second team

Center: Damian Ort, jr., Fort Benton; Quentin Edwards, jr., Chinook

Wide receiver: Charlie Calvert, sr., Harlem

Quarterback: Cade Ball, jr., Fort Benton; Levi Jensen, sr., Chinook

Fullback: Flint Annis, sr., Chinook

Running back: Bryce Lee, sr., Shelby

Punter/kicker: Trenton Emerson, sr., Shelby

Honorable mention: Jeremy Nebel, RB, jr., Belt


First team

Safety: Bridger Vogl, sr., Belt

Outside LB/CB: Cade Ball, jr., Fort Benton; Ethan Triplett, jr., Belt

Inside LB: Garrett Metrione, sr., Belt; Tyler Schoen, sr., Chinook

Defensive line: Memphis Black, sr., Belt; Nathan Dunham, jr., Fort Benton

Defensive end: Isaac Maki, sr., Belt; Flint Annis, sr., Chinook

Second team

Safety: Trenton Emerson, sr., Shelby

Outside LB/CB: Bryce Lee, sr., Shelby

Inside LB: Keaghn McDaniel, sr., Belt; Lane Hasler, sr., Chinook

Defensive line: Braxton Inman, sr., Chinook

Honorable mention: Kellen Colliflower, S, sr., Rocky Boy; Landis Arganbright, OLB/CB, sr., Fort Benton; Reese Paulson, OLB/CB, jr., Belt; Damian Ort, DL, jr., Fort Benton

Coach of the year: Matt Triplett, Belt.


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